Pocket-Friendly Places for Budget Trips in India?

There are several possibilities in India for low-cost vacations. India is a favorite destination for both luxury and budget travelers since it can provide you with a sumptuous vacation or an unforgettable vacation within your means. Here are some of the greatest cheap travel destinations for you, whether you are a backpacker by choice or seeking cheap places to visit in India for a while pocket-friendly trip.

1. Rishikesh
2. Puducherry
3. Gokarna
4. Pushkar
5. Kanyakumari
India is full of culture and history, making it the perfect destination for budget trips. If you're looking to explore some of the best places in India on a limited budget, here is a list of pocket-friendly destinations that you may want to consider:

  1. Goa: One of India's most popular tourist destinations, Goa has plenty to offer visitors looking for beach vacations or weekend getaways. You can visit a casino in Goa for a fun & enjoyable night there.
  2. Varanasi: Often referred to as Hindu New York City, The cityscape is dotted with Ghats - imposing steps leading down into sacred rivers - and temples dating back centuries dotting every corner decide. With so much historical value packed into such a small space, Varanasi makes an excellent destination day and night.
  3. Agra - One of India's most popular tourist destinations, Agra offers everything from spectacular temples (the Taj Mahal, in particular, is worth visiting) to lively markets and trendy nightlife districts.
  4. Jaipur – If you're looking for an overview of Rajasthan's culture and heritage, Jaipur is the quintessential destination. The city is also known for its opulent palaces and beautiful landscapes.
  5. Mumbai: Mumbai is famous beaches like Malabar Coast and Arambol Beach. Mumbai now offers visitors plenty to see and do aside from shopping malls and upscale restaurants.
And if you're looking for cultural experiences rather than tourist traps, consider exploring Goa or Kerala.
I would recommend
Jammu kashmir
Most of the places in india are good for traveling and you can find many cheap hotels and local restaurants if you will look carefully.