What is the best way to find a job in Dubai?


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According to Ms Pritika Kumar

Here are some of the best ways that you can apply if you're looking for a job in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

1: First, make a CV that is professional and contains all your job history, where were you employed, what was the job responsibilities that you were handling, etc.

2: Once your CV is ready, get yourself registered or create your account on all the professional job sites. Make sure all your details are genuine as in your CV.

3: In the meantime apply your 3 months visitor visa and fly to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

4: After landing in Dubai, start off searching with the jobs that you want.

5: Another, best thing that you can do is look for all the companies then search for their HRs or hiring department people on LinkedIn, try making a connection with them and ask them if there are any opportunities or there company is vacancy in Dubai.

6: If, they provide you with their email address, email them your CV and wait for their call or email to revert back.

7: You can even go for a walk in interview in Dubai, for the experience.

8: Hopefully, if you follow this. You will create yourself up as a deserving person for getting a job in the United Arab Emirates.

9: If, you get an interview call try to keep a figure of 3000 Aed.

Ron Devnani Said,

Honestly speaking, Dubai has a very hard job market right now. I took about 5 months to find a job in dubai and I only found it through my family here. Same goes for my girlfriend she looked for a job for almost 9 full months on all the online platforms she could find. The only way she found a job was because my brother put her in touch with a friend.

To further this point you have to understand our history. I am an Indian expat from a relatively wealthy family who has made Dubai their home for 30+ years. My girlfriend is a white american from Texas. Both of us have university degrees from the USA and good work experience.

If you want some major advice I'll tell you one thing. DO NOT come to Dubai on a visit or tourist visa and start looking for a job. It will take way too long and you will spend all your money. Another piece of advice would be to never fall for a CV distribution scam. There are a couple in this city. They will take your money and never call back.

It will take a lot of time to find a good Job in Dubai. If you have the right skills and experience you can find a good job. If not your looking at jobs that pay very little. When I started working here in Dubai I had a starting salary of 3000 AED. In the USA my first job was paying me about 3000 USD. Just be patient. Keep applying online and you will find a job sooner or later. But while you are looking for a job just keep working and building skills to put on that resume. I see a lot of people post for help “ please sir I am looking for work in Dubai”. This will never work no one will ever hire you through informal social media platforms.

In my opinion if you want to work in Dubai you need to do the research and find the companies to apply to. Make sure you go straight to their career platforms. I find it works much better than using job channel on Linkedin some popular job channel on TikTok also popular dubai job channel on YouTube
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My older brother works as a locksmith in the UAE, and he earns more than I do in the US. But as far as I know, it isn't easy to find a job in the UAE now because so many people from different professions want to move there. I'm a car locksmith, so my profession will not be in high demand there. My brother moved to the UAE 10 years ago, but it was much easier to find a job in Dubai than now. Although, I found information that the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) administer certification exams. I may pass the exams and improve my skills to become a more in-demand specialist.
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Hey there, thanks for sharing this valuable information about finding a job in Dubai. I've been considering a career shift and Dubai seems like a good option, but it's always daunting to navigate a new job market. I appreciate the tips, especially about not falling for CV distribution scams and being patient in the job search.On a related note, I came across a helpful post - is Aviation a good career choice for you. It's always good to explore different options and see what fits your interests and skills. I'll definitely keep your advice in mind as I continue to research and plan my career move. Thanks again!
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Good Question.
As per my experience.
To find a job in Dubai, here are some effective strategies:
  1. Online Job Portals: Utilize popular online job portals specific to Dubai and the UAE, such as Bayt, Indeed, and LinkedIn. These platforms have a wide range of job listings across various industries.
  2. Networking: Networking is crucial in Dubai's job market. Attend industry events, professional conferences, and job fairs to connect with professionals in your field. Join online professional networking platforms and engage in discussions to expand your network.
  3. Company Websites: Visit the websites of companies you are interested in working for. Many organizations in Dubai advertise job openings on their official websites. Check their careers or jobs section for any relevant opportunities.
  4. Recruitment Agencies: Dubai has several recruitment agencies that specialize in matching job seekers with employers. Submit your resume and cover letter to reputable agencies that cater to your industry. They can assist in finding suitable job openings and provide guidance throughout the hiring process.
  5. Direct Applications: If you have a specific company or industry in mind, consider directly reaching out to them with your resume and cover letter. Even if they don't have any current vacancies, they may keep your application on file for future opportunities.
  6. Local Newspapers and Magazines: Some companies in Dubai still advertise job openings in local newspapers and magazines. Check the classifieds section regularly to stay updated on available positions.
  7. LinkedIn: Create a strong LinkedIn profile highlighting your skills, experience, and career aspirations. Connect with professionals in your industry, join relevant groups, and actively engage with content. Recruiters often search for potential candidates on LinkedIn, so optimizing your profile increases your visibility.
  8. Professional Associations: Join professional associations or industry-specific groups in Dubai. Attend their events, seminars, and workshops to network with industry professionals who may provide job leads or referrals.
  9. Personal Referrals: Leverage your personal and professional network to inquire about job opportunities. Let friends, colleagues, and acquaintances know that you are actively seeking employment in Dubai. They may be aware of unadvertised job openings or can recommend you to their contacts.
  10. Research and Preparation: Before applying or attending interviews, thoroughly research the job market in Dubai, understand the local business culture, and familiarize yourself with visa and work permit requirements. Tailor your resume and cover letter to align with local expectations and emphasize your relevant skills and experience.
Remember, securing a job in Dubai may take time and persistence. Stay proactive, follow up on applications, and continuously improve your skills and qualifications to increase your chances of success.
Yes, definitely, it can be quite competitive to secure a desired job in Dubai. But I can promise you that hard work and skills are always recognized, valued, and rewarded. Dedicate time to enhancing your skills and abilities in your chosen profession. Invest in personal and professional development to stay updated with industry trends and advancements. By continuously upgrading your skills, you increase your chances of standing out in the competitive job market and achieving success in your job search. There are many job portals in Dubai that help connect you to potential employers. Register on these websites, create a clear bio, upload your resume, and actively search and apply for relevant jobs in Dubai. Also, regularly check the official websites of the companies you are targeting, as they often post job updates there.

Good luck job seekers!
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Here are some tips for finding a job in Dubai:

  1. Research the job market in Dubai and focus on industries matching your skills.
  2. Update your resume/CV and make it professional and well-structured.
  3. Utilize online job portals like Bayt, LinkedIn, Gulf Talent, and Indeed.
  4. Attend industry events and network with professionals.
  5. Contact reputable recruitment agencies specializing in Dubai jobs.
  6. Directly reach out to companies you're interested in.
  7. Maintain a strong professional presence on LinkedIn and engage in relevant communities.
  8. Consider learning basic Arabic phrases for an advantage.
  9. Prepare for interviews by researching the company and practicing common questions.
  10. Ensure you have the necessary work permits and visas.
Remember to stay proactive, flexible, and positive throughout your job search. Good luck!
Hey there! Finding a job in Dubai can be a journey, but Ms. Pritika Kumar's advice is pretty solid. I'd add networking to the mix – attend job fairs and industry events if possible. Building connections can open up great opportunities. Also, check out the Latest Government Jobs to see what's being offered. Best of luck on your job hunt!
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Thanks for sharing these tips on finding a job in Dubai. Ms Pritika Kumar seems to have some great advice. Creating a professional CV and registering on job sites are definitely good starting points. But there's one more tip I'd add. Think of your retirement. Find a job where you can easily put away 20% of your income for your retirement. Then make that money for you. Basically, that's what passive income is.
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Finding a job in Dubai can feel like navigating a maze sometimes, but hang in there! When I was searching for opportunities in IT, networking played a huge role. One time, I attended a tech meetup where I met someone who later referred me to a fantastic job opportunity. It's all about putting yourself out there, whether it's attending events, joining online communities, or even leveraging platforms with IT talents. They can be a great resource to connect you with the right opportunities.
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