Where should one stay (on a budget) and do on their first trip to Amsterdam?


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If you are planning to travel somewhere you have never been before, It’s time for Amsterdam. I am sure it will be one of the most fun trips of your life. And to make it fun I will help you with finding the best places to stay on a budget and what fun things await you in the bright and
The beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Where to stay in Amsterdam on a budget?

1) BUNK Hotel Amsterdam​

Hagedoornplein 2, 1031 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands​

Rates indication: Bunk pods: €25- €98; Rooms: €55-185 ( depending upon various options you choose ).​

Made with the architectural masterclass, the BUNK hotel in Amsterdam is made in a church so the design is as unique as you can find.

Their variety of rooms allows for a different experience every time you visit. From their hostel-type sleep pods for solo or duo travelers on a budget ranging all the way to their complete lavish rooms provide for an unreal experience. BUNK hotels also provide a unique experience which is known as sleep in a church, where travelers actually get to spend the night in the church which is an experience unlike any other.

BUNK hotels in Amsterdam would be the top choice for tourists who travel on a budget and it is an experience you don’t want to miss.

2) Ecomama​

Valkenburgerstraat 124, 1011 NA, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Rates: Room in the 8 bed experienced traveler’s dorm ( best dorms ever ) starts at the €27 mark or you can book their double deluxe private ensuite from €84 onwards.

Ecomam is the eco-conscious, sister hostel to Cocomama, located in the heart of Amsterdam, slap-bang next to the Waterlooplein Flea Market and the Jewish Museum, Hostel Ecomama is conveniently just 2 metro station stops away from Central Station.

A stunning feature of this modern, eco-conscious hostel is its wide, open communal spaces whether it be the sitting area (loaded with magazines), the café (awesome coffee and baked goods), or the teepee (featuring classic and contemporary movie shows) you can always find a welcoming nook of the hostel to call your own.

3) ClinkNOORD Amsterdam​

Badhuiskade 3, 1031 KV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rates: 4-6 person mixed dorms start at €24, whilst a bed in the 4 and 10 girls-only dorm starts from €25 a night; private ensuite from €80 per night booking.

his is the first Clink hostel to be opened outside the UK after two backpacker hostels opened in London. is located in the lush, green Amsterdam NOORD area, located on the other side of the River IJ. It is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Central Station and the Red Light District and if you don’t mind the short ferry journey (24-hour ferry service via the ‘Buiksloteregveer’) to NOORD, then you have a peaceful, green neighborhood to call your own.

4) Generator Amsterdam​

Mauritskade 57, Oost, 1092 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rates: A bed in a 4-bed mixed dorm starts at €17, a premium double room can be acquired for €85, a twin room with a private bath from €67 are available.

is a brand new hostel found in the east of Amsterdam near De Pijp. The hostel itself, a former zoological building in Oosterpark, with a convenient location near to the tram stops and only a couple of tram stops away from Central Station.

The former lecture hall has been reincarnated into a lounge and bar. The modern design contrasts well with the beauty of the old building.

5) Student Hotel Amsterdam City​

Wibautstraat 129, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rates: Rooms start from €73.60 for a single private ensuite or €87 for a double private ensuite room booking.

The opened with the idea of being a meeting place for short-term /long-term scholars and visitors. The hope was to create a common ground for the cross-cultural exchange of these two communities.

Things to do on your first trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Light Festival​

If you're visiting Amsterdam in December or January, I have the perfect free canal-side activity for you - the Amsterdam Light Festival. Each winter, the city's canals transform into an outdoor art gallery. Artist-designed light installations are set up along the city's canals, and everyone can enjoy them for free. You can find dates, maps, and information about the art on the Amsterdam Light Festival's website. Thanks to the early winter nights, it's the perfect time to admire the lights reflected in the water, and the light-based artworks certainly brighten up dull December days.

Soak up the summer open-air theatre​

If, on the other hand, you're visiting in the summer rather than the winter, be sure not to miss the free summer open-air theatre at Vondelpark. They always have a wide range of events, from music to children's theatre to dance and stand-up comedy. So be sure to check what's on before your visit!

Secret gig on a boat​

Amsterdam is a culture-rich city with a creative heart, and you can find music for most tastes. If you want to experience something different, check out the secret gigs on a boat. Every month, they invite a different musician on board to perform and drinks available onboard on a donation basis.

The boat on which the gigs take place is incredibly unique, too. Rather than a boat on a canal, as you might imagine, the boat is on dry land, but looking at over the water. The boat is part of de Ceuvel, an environmental project taking disused canal boats and parking them on wasteland. They run a number of projects to improve land quality, as well as to build community.

Free jazz on Tuesdays​

If you love jazz, Amsterdam's Bimhuis, a famous jazz music venue, is home to free jazz sessions every Tuesday night. At 8 pm, there's an improv workshop for musicians (free to watch), and at 10 pm, a jazz session and open mic night (also free for visitors).

Check out free museums​

A combined ticket to all Amsterdam's museums (plus public transport) can cost from 60 Euros a day, making museum visits an expensive proposition, but some Amsterdam museums have free sections!

The Civic Guards Gallery, now officially part of the Amsterdam Museum, is free to visit and filled with portraits of the Dutch elite. The Amsterdam Treasures collection (in the Amsterdam City Archives) is free and contains fascinating items drawn from the Archives' collection.

Free walking tour​

Like many cities, Amsterdam has free walking tours you can join (but tips are appreciated), to explore the city and learn more about its history. I love going to free walking tours when I first arrive in a city as a way of orienting myself to the city and getting a quick introduction to it before exploring it more in-depth on my own. These free walking tours are actually one of the best free things to do in Amsterdam.

There are a number of different walking tours that cover different areas and different topics in Amsterdam: the free classic tour, red-light district, or an alternative tour.

Check out the markets​

To soak up a slice of traditional Amsterdam life, check out one of the city's markets. From a floating flower market to secondhand markets and markets selling books, clothing, and more, there are a number of markets around the city. Albert Cuyp market is a traditional neighborhood market where you find many different items. Waterlooplein is a secondhand market, and the flower market is a unique floating market set over houseboats.

Foodhallen is a trendy, popular food market popular with young Amsterdam residents and visitors alike. It has a number of international food stalls set in an indoor market. In the same building, you'll find trendy shops and a cinema.

Amsterdam is a city like no other with its never-ending richness of culture. The food, the beauty of the city, the weather, the progressive mindset all of it combined make up for a wonderful experience in Amsterdam and it also makes Amsterdam a must-visit place as soon as possible.
Amsterdam-Centrum is the best area to stay in Amsterdam. On budget, It holds all the main attractions, restaurants, and cool cafes. However, you can split Centrum up into smaller districts that have different vibes. We'd recommend Westerpark or Oud Zuid.