Mumbai Travel Tips for First-Timers


Aug 27, 2019
Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, but it is also a complex, bustling metropolis, which becomes very difficult for one to explore for the first time. To get used to the chaotic atmosphere of Mumbai, visitors may take a while. Take a look at some useful Mumbai travel tips that will make your holiday trouble-free.

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  1. Avoid Travelling on trains during the peak hour that is the morning and evening. If money is not the issue, it is advised to buy a ticket for first class, which is less crowded than others.
  2. Save yourself from pickpockets and take extra care of your belongings in crowded areas like markets and trains.
  3. Always board a black and white taxi that charge money on the basis of a meter reading. Avoid traveling in those taxis where they are not using meters.
Avoid traveling to Mumbai in monsoon season as the city is mostly going through a lot of chaos due to heavy traffic and flooded roads.

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Jun 27, 2019
Let go of all your expectations.
Think carefully about your budget.
Feel free to "move it", but at least do a little research.
The Indian people are so friendly, but they are very shy.
Know the basic words in Hindi.
Packaging is the key.
If you are sick, don't panic... you will be sick.

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