7 experiences for tourists visiting Saigon at the first time


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If Great market and ancient buildings have been so familiar, Nguyen Hue walking street or traveling by boat on Nhieu Loc canal will be interesting experiences in Saigon.

Nguyen Hue walking street

You can feel how young the city is when you walk down the street. In the morning, you should visit the condominium at 42 Nguyen Hue, choose a corner of café such as Sai Gon Oi or Boo to see the whole scene of the walking street. In the evening, be one of the crowd and enjoy some improvisational performances of the young.

Traveling by boat on Nhieu Loc canal

With this tour, you may feel Saigon so peaceful and ancient from the sound of harmonica. The boat departs from Le Van Sy harbor (Dist.3) or Thi Nghe harbor (Dist.1). The price for one person is from 110,000 VND.
Visiting old buildings

In an enthusiastic city like Saigon, there are ancient constructions with European style such as Notre Dame Cathedral Basilic Saigon, Post Office, Opera house, Ben Thanh market…

Contemplating Saigon from Dist.2

The ideal spot to see the whole scene of district 1 is Ham Thu Thiem Park. This is the place that the young often hang out at weekend.

Exploring Great market

is one of the oldest markets in the city, Great market has many things for you to explore. You can join some festivals and celebrations here to know more about the culture and outstanding architecture. Don’t forget to try street food here.

Cu Chi Tunnel

Far from Ho Chi Minh City about 70 km, Cu Chi is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to know more about history. From Ben Thanh market, you take bus number 13, 79 then 122 to Cu Chi. In each tunnel, the tour guide will introduce about the detailed information. The entrance ticket is 80,000 VND for foreigners. Photo: Hai Nam.

Trying Saigon coffee

Not just as beverage, coffee is also a culture of Saigon. Coming here, you can feel the life through different cups of coffee. In the morning, sitting at the corner of a café and hear Saigon people chatting about the news on morning newspaper. At noon, visit a photographing café to connect passion.

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Avoid restaurants with no listed prices
Focus on observing when participating in traffic
Choose a hotel near the center of Saigon for convenient transportation