Zoos in UK


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Hey, Alex here.
I'm willing to visit United Kingdom on next month with my small two sons on next month. My elder son is very interested to learn about animals. Therefore I decided to take them to different zoos in UK. If you have any idea or experience about zoos in UK, please be kind enough to share your ideas with me. Much preferable if you can share photographs too.
Thank you
Wow, what a nice dad you are. I'm a Sri Lankan and I am not aware about all the zoos, but I have been to zoo in Edinburgh. If I share some important facts about that zoo, there are koalas and pandas, as well as this zoo is being the first to breed penguins. The other "star" species include chimpanzees, wallabies, and a display of more diminutive creatures like frogs and insects in a section called "Wee Beasties." Therefore, your elder son will be so excited to visit it.
Have fun.
I'm Kamal