You can stay in Guilin for FREE!


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Jun 17, 2015
You can stay in the Yunzhihui hotel in Guilin Longsheng for FREE!

From July 1st to September 30th we are releasing 25 sample rooms for guests to stay in, complimented with private spa, automated message, archipuncture and afternoon tea! DO NOT BOOK ON THIS SITE TO PARTICIPATE! Read on for how to apply.


1) Must be at least 18 yrs old.

2) Have some interest and knowledge of China

3) Have some Chinese communication and written English or native language abilities.

4) Can give constructive suggestions to the hotel management.

How it works?

1) Send your profile to via email. Your profile should include:

a) Name and Phone Number

b) Three days that your can visit Guilin (Between July 1st and September 30th)

c) Personal Summary (Includes your job, travel experiances etc. maximum 200 words)

2) If you receive an email confirmation in 7 business days, congrats! You are in! We welcome you to Guilin!

3) During your stay at YunzhihuiHotel Longsheng, send one picture and comment about Yunzhihui Hotel on your social media (Your experiences, Yunzhihui Environment etc. via Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc)

4) Shortly after your stay at Yunzhihui Hotel, send a 300 word report along with 5 pictures of Yunzhihui Hotel onto

Who are we?

We are Yunzhihui Boutique Hotel, the first Zen themed boutique hotel located in the heart of the Longsheng forest in Longsheng Guilin. With natural spa, automated message, archipuncture and luxurious guest rooms, our free sample program will provide you an experience of a lifetime!

Guilin as China’s most renowned tourism attraction, features a variety of unique pinnacles and natural waterfalls. Guilin is also a frequent stop for celebrities and foreign dignitaries due to it’s unique culture and ancient history. Longsheng just 77 km away from Guilin is the home of the Miao, Yao, Tong and Zhuang minority colonies. The famous terraced rice patties are also a world famous sight of Longsheng. Complimented by the natural springs and unique landscape, Longsheng is a destination worth visiting.


1) How does Yunzhihui Hotel schedule guests for the sample stay?

Yunzhihui Hotel will randomly chooses guests when they applied to participate in this special event. If the lucky guest was chosen, Yunzhihui Hotel will schedule guests according to the three visiting dates provided in their submitted personal profile. If the schedule was not successful, Yunzhihui Hotel will not be responsible for any compensation to the applicant. The scheduling process will not proceed.

2) What about fees other than hospitality?

Yunzhihui Hotel will only provide selected guests with one night accommodation in the hotel. Guests are responsible for other expenses (transportation, dining etc.)

3) Any requirement in regards to accommodation?

Yunzhihui Hotel provides one room that accommodates two adult guests and a child that is shorter than 1.2 m in height.
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