‘You can even do a wee on a shark’: readers’ best UK museums for kids

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From hanging out with Egyptian mummies to clambering into a second world war bunker, here’s a wealth of adventures for inquiring young minds

If you want children to become aware of not taking life for granted and help them to understand the contribution science, medicine and vaccinations can make to life in these times, the Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds is a must. Recently given a huge makeover, it features a Victorian street full of real smells and bugs, and shows the impact of cholera and smallpox before vaccinations were available. There are talks, displays, games and information about health heroes over the years who have – and still are – making our lives safe. My daughter became fascinated by medicine from her visit a few years ago.
Adults £11.95, children £8.95, under 5s free (tickets last for 12 months), thackraymuseum.co.uk
Nigel Cox

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