Winter activities in Saint Petersburg

There are so many things to enjoy in Saint Petersburg in every season of the year! As for winter, you can enjoy the sightseeing as usual. The queues are much shorter than in summer. There are various museums, palaces and cathedrals to view. For instance, the State Hermitage Museum, St Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress and many more.

Popular winter activity is ice-skating. Luckily there are many skating rinks in the city centre that offer skates for rent. You can drink warm tea/coffee there, have some pastries, enjoy the atmosphere and relax in warm tents in case you get cold.

Reindeer sledging, downhill skiing and spa vacation are among winter activities. There are necessary facilities in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg. It is easy to get there by car.

If you prefer to have a more cultural stay in the city centre, visit the temporary exhibitions, concerts and performances played on the world-known stages, like Mariinsky or Aleksandrovsky theatres.

In case you are only planning to visit the former capital of Russia and in the meantime have a cruise trip in mind, take advantage of visa free tours in St Petersburg!