Why is Kerala considered as the best state in India?


Kerala is a gorgeous Indian state and tourism-wise it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best places in the country. The state is bestowed with nature’s unparalleled beauty which is why it is also known as God’s Own Country. If you take a look at Kerala holiday packages, you will be pleasantly surprised by all the fascinating places that you will get to visit in this stunning place. From Kerala backwaters tour to exploring Athirapally waterfalls to enjoying a day at the Munnar tea estates to savouring the beauty of the wildlife at Wayanad, there’s no end to the fantastic experiences one can have in Kerala which is exactly what makes it one of the best Indian states.​


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According to the "Public Affairs Index 2020" released at the Bangalore Public Affairs Center on Friday, Kerala was declared the best governing state in India, while Uttar Pradesh ranked second from the bottom in the major state category.
1. People surpass friends
2. It's more relaxed!
3. The food is delicious!
4. Naturally will shock you
5. You will see incredible wildlife
The state brags a general education, way over the nation's standard (for people) and life expentancy is the most noteworthy in the entire Indian sub-landmass. With its socialist political system, Kerala is one of India's most steady states, where its residents are the most involved.
The state boasts a high level of education, far above the national level (of men and women) and life is very high across the Indian subcontinent. Through its Communist political regime, Kerala is one of the most stable provinces in India, where its citizens play a major role.