Which were your favorite cruises ?


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Your favorite cruises?

Share your cruise experiences with the Cruise Forum. Which were your favorite cruises and ports? Please feel free to share photos and videos .
Out of the array of Dubai fun activities I've explored, VIP Dhow Cruise has left an indelible mark. Their unique fusion of culture, luxury, and affordability creates an experience that's hard to top. If I had to choose a favourite, it would unquestionably be VIP Dhow Cruise.
I love the scenic beauty of Alaskan or Caribbean cruises, while others prefer the cultural exploration of European river cruises. Larger ocean cruises offer diverse destinations, with the Mediterranean and Norwegian Fjords being popular choices. For those seeking a mix of entertainment and gaming, a casino cruise in Goa :) could provide a unique and thrilling experience on the high seas. It ultimately depends on the adventure and atmosphere you're looking for!