Which is the best city to visit in Spain?


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Spain is a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors from all over the world. With its unique mix of tradition and culture, the cities of Spain are the perfect destination for a European vacation. From all of the choices, I find Madrid as the best one to visit.

As the capital city of Spain, Madrid is the most visited among all other cities. It is home to some of the best architectural works that can take your breath away. Fine arts lovers will also feel welcomed in this city as it showcases beautiful artworks. If you are a football fan, you get to witness two of the biggest clubs in the world, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

All in all, the capital city of Spain has something for all walks of life.
I agree that Madrid is worth visiting but I would say that Barcelona is a better choice. Architecture is stunning and there is no lack of art museums and galleries. It is also home to a major football club, FC Barcelona, which is as big as Real Madrid in my opinion. One of the main advantages of the city is its location close to the sea and its Mediterranean climate.

Barcelona combines city, culture and nature perfectly. If you meet Spain entry requirements ( https://www.etiasspain.com/requirements/us-citizens/ ) , I would highly recommend making your first stop in the capital of Catalonia.
In my opinion, Granada, Seville, Córdoba, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela, Cádiz, San Sebastián and Cáceres are the most beautiful.