Which is a better place to visit, Goa or Manali?

See, it depends on a person, his/her personality, and liking. Goa and Manali are two different places with different weather conditions and different offerings. Let me tell you about these two places first and accordingly, you can decide on the location.

Goa: Goa is all about beaches and seafood. There are two parts of Goa - North Goa and South Goa. Both places have different offerings. North Goa has vibrant beaches and offers a vibrant nightlife. On the other hand, South Goa is all about serene beaches and delicious seafood. So, you can decide to visit Goa if you are a beach lover.

Manali: If you are a mountain or hill station lover like me, Manali is your choice. Manali is home to pleasant weather, lush green forests, and various tourist attractions. You can hike here, trek, take a boat ride, and see the beautiful sunrise and sunset at the top of the hill.

Now, the decision is all yours. Whether you want to visit beaches or hill stations. One thing that I would definitely recommend is taking international flights from a trustworthy source that can provide budget-friendly flights. One platform from where I book my tickets is Indian Eagle. You can also visit their website and see their offerings.