Where in Dubai (which part of the city) is the most enjoyable/convenient place to stay for a two day sight-seeing trip?


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According to Anis Harris,

Dubai is naturally divided into two parts, Bur Deira and Bur Dubai. Its the Dubai Creek that divides them, and they are linked together by an ultra modern and sophisticated road network, comprising of tunnels and bridges. (By the way I’m a travel guide in Dubai and I have Dubai travel vlog channel which is called city walk with Ishu).

Therefore, Within Bur Dubai, when heading east towards Abu Dhabi (the capital), you start passing through the upper scale and most modern parts of town, starting from the beginning of Sheikh Zayed road, and along it all the way to Jebel Ali port, more than 30 kilometers of excellent locations and plenty of hotels (around 40), or you can go for something closer to the beautiful beaches on the Jumeirah cost, or on one of the islands like Palm Island, transportation from any hotel is easy as most have shuttle buses and taxi service to all the major areas and shopping malls and the Open Beach.

Willy Said,

I just returned 2 days ago from a tour to Dubai and I stayed at the Le Meridien Dar Al Sandos in Bur Dubai

I would highly recommend this to someone coming for Dubai tour. If you will not be using your hotel as a resort, then don’t stay in one :) The Le Meridien is in Bur Dubai which is the ideal location to jump to the many attractions that Dubai has to offer. Taxi’s are incredibly cheap — walk outside of the Le Meridien and snag a cab.

The hotel is less than $100/night and although it is not luxurious, it is perfect for a travelers needs. Most importantly, the hotel is clean, the beds are comfortable and the shower provides ample hot water! In addition, the front-desk staff was very helpful.

Thomas said,

If it’s Dubai city tour / sightseeing then Deira/Bur Dubai definitely. Metro’s easy to reach, cabs are cheap, many of the sites and sights are nearby. Hotels are reasonable.

What are the things to do in Dubai, UAE? If it’s shopping then somewhere in al Barsha near the Mall of the Emirates. From there (the Mall I mean) you can get on the Metro and go to Ibn Battuta, Dubai Mall, Bur Juman and Deira City Centre. You will never want to see another watch as long as you live.

Stay in an Aparthotel/Suites Hotel off the main drag. Cheaper, nicer, more space than the 5* which are designed to keep you onsite and see nothing else.

If you want sand go stay in Jumeira Beach Resdence area. I like the HIlton and the Ritz-Carlton.

Only crazy people with more money than sense stay at The Address in Downtown or the Burj al Arab at the Beach, So what are you thinking of? Plan a dubai trip today.

Other Important FAQs,

Am I allowed to vlog in Dubai?

Yes you are allowed to do so .

Actually dubai has many famous youtube vloggers at the recent times and there are plenty of Dubai vlog channel . Due to the city’s fame and diverse of attention grabs , vloggers they’re often make more money and fame.

But remember , dubai has really strict law enforcement .

When living in Dubai you should never take a photograph of a local without asking their permission, this is especially important with women. It is also illegal to take photographs of many government buildings and you can find yourself in hot water if you are caught doing so.

If you keep it simple , without any hustle , you would have a pleasant experience Vlogging in Dubai .

Are dogs allowed in dubai city walk?

Jumeirah Lake Towers: Pets are not allowed in the central park area but the walkways around the three lakes are great spots to take your dog for a walk. …Dubai Investment Park Zone 2: The facility called My Second Home features the world’s largest indoor dog park!