Where do you want to visit in foreign countries in 2022?


The best travel trips and accommodations can be booked on a completely pocket friendly way also over a budget:
Katmandu- Nepal
Bali- Bali
Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam
Kandy- Sri Lanka
Bangalore- India
Da Nang- Vietnam
Hanoi- Vietnam
Pattaya- Thailand
Bangkok- Thailand
These are some trips under 20,000.
Hope you enjoy your trip.

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Diana Yadav

New Member
It’s my dream to visit Switzerland. So this year I’m making my best to go there. Then would like to visit Italy specifically the aeolian island and also tasmania



New Member
I would definitely travel to a mountain country, like Austria or Switzerland. Austria is nice but in Switzerland there are so many great hotels. As I'm a fan of Boutique Hotel style accommodations, I would prefer Switzerland. On the contrary, Austria is cheaper.