Where do you want to visit in foreign countries in 2022?


The best travel trips and accommodations can be booked on a completely pocket friendly way also over a budget:
Katmandu- Nepal
Bali- Bali
Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam
Kandy- Sri Lanka
Bangalore- India
Da Nang- Vietnam
Hanoi- Vietnam
Pattaya- Thailand
Bangkok- Thailand
These are some trips under 20,000.
Hope you enjoy your trip.

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It’s my dream to visit Switzerland. So this year I’m making my best to go there. Then would like to visit Italy specifically the aeolian island and also tasmania

I would definitely travel to a mountain country, like Austria or Switzerland. Austria is nice but in Switzerland there are so many great hotels. As I'm a fan of Boutique Hotel style accommodations, I would prefer Switzerland. On the contrary, Austria is cheaper.
I know the best place in Ticino Region...
  • Lugano’s Lakeside Parks and Promenade
  • Monte San Salvatore
  • Valle Verzasca
  • The Bellinzona Castles
  • Locarno’s Piazza Grande

I really want to visit Switzerland winterthur.
There are several methods to get to Winterthur, but the most popular one is by rail. You may travel here via certain European train networks. Trains go to Winterthur from a variety of locations, including Bern, Zürich, St. Gallen, Munich, and Basel. If you decide to drive, you will need to utilize the highway to get there from Schaffhausen, St. Gallen, or Zurich.

As a result, even Winterthur, which could appear a bit remote to tourists, has a lot of sights that are worthwhile seeing. Continue reading to learn more about these attractions.
  • The Rosengarten

The Rose Garden is one of Winterthur's most popular attractions. As part of the festivities marking the city's 700th anniversary in 1964, the rose garden was donated to the residents of Winterthur. It has an area of 8'089 m2 in Winterthur's historic center. Around 3000 roses of 300 different varieties bloom in the garden each year. Among them are roses that are both rare and old. The Heiligberg Rose Garden offers tranquility and a spectacular perspective of Winterthur in addition to its floral displays.
  • The Kyburg Castle (Museum)​

Excellent over the Töss River is where Kyburg Castle is located. The Castle, the most significant medieval castle in Eastern Switzerland, is currently home to a bustling, freshly organized museum. The highly regarded museum offers intriguing glimpses into everyday life in the past. You may observe a court of law, tour the dungeon, attic, and torture room, and take in the aroma of the medieval kitchen while you do.​

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I planned to visit Zurich in Switzerland. Zürich is a beautiful and charming city with affluent residents. Zurich is a popular tourist destination as well. There are innumerable art museums in this great city, as well as a well-preserved old town with stunning medieval structures.
Zürich has one of the greatest standards of living in the world and is a wonderful location to live. It has a history of liberal philosophy and a lively intellectual scene that is still present today.
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I know the top attractions in Winterthur in Switzerland.
There are many methods to get to Winterthur, but the most popular one is by train. You can travel here via some European train networks. Trains travel to Winterthur from a variety of locations, including Bern, Zürich, St. Gallen, Munich, and Basel. If you decide to drive, you will need to utilize the highway to get there from Schaffhausen, St. Gallen, or Zurich.

The Kyburg Castle
The Technorama
Oskar Reinhart Collection
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Traveling to Germany can be a wonderful experience because of the country's diverse offerings of beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, rich history, and cutting-edge attractions. However, please be aware that COVID-19 restrictions and regulations may apply to your travel plans. Here are some suggestions and places to visit in Germany in 2022:


The capital of Germany is a thriving center of culture and history. Discover famous sites like Museum Island, the Berlin Wall Memorial, and the Brandenburg Gate.

Visit renowned museums like the DDR Museum and the Pergamon Museum.

Enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife and diverse culinary scene.


Munich, which is well-known for its Bavarian culture, has sights like the Nymphenburg Palace, Marienplatz, and the lovely English Garden.

If you go in late September or early October, make sure to experience Oktoberfest.

Next to Germany, there aren't many nations that differ from North America. When you first walk through German streets, you'll think you're in Canada. You will feel Canadian after an hour spent in these ancient cities.

The food is the same, and everyone is dressed the same. However, you've reached the location where they go to die. German customs and protocol are very distinct from those of other cultures. One of the reasons Americans and Canadians criticize this wonderful nation is because of this.

There are many flaws in a society that we are unaware of. Or we can't make a decision based on what people think about that society in general.
I would always advise Switzerland for several reasons. Lately, I got a perfect bridge implant during my recent trip to this country. I'm always happy with Swiss products, they are precise and long lasting.