When is the best time to go to Cambodia?


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Cambodia welcomes visitors year-round, but like a well-written story, each season offers a unique chapter. This guide will unveil the ideal window for your travel desires, whether you seek sunshine-filled explorations (spoiler alert: dry season!), temple-hopping bliss with manageable crowds (shoulder seasons!), or even budget-friendly travel opportunities. So, pack your sense of wonder and get ready to discover the magic of Cambodia.

SeasonDurationWeatherIdeal forThings to Consider
Dry Season (November - April)6 monthsSunny skies, minimal rain, pleasant temperatures (20-32°C)Temple hopping, sightseeing, outdoor activitiesPeak tourist season, higher prices, potential for crowds
Shoulder Season (May & October)2 monthsWarmer temperatures (can reach up to 35°C), occasional rain showersBudget travel, smaller crowds, lush landscapesTemperatures can be uncomfortably hot for some, unpredictable rain patterns
Wet Season (June - September)4 monthsAbundant rain, lush greenery, overflowing Tonle Sap lakeBudget travel, unique experiences, fewer crowdsHeavy downpours can disrupt travel plans, higher humidity levels

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