What was the first country that you have ever visited?


Given a chance, the first country I would visit would be the United States of America. More specifically, its city, Philadelphia.

Not only was it the first place that the 17th-century Europeans who came on the Mayflower settled down, but also because it was the first city in theUnited States to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Philadelphia is quite an old city in the USA, being the first settlement area of the European immigrants of 1620. Hence, it inevitably has a lot of history tied to it and that which can be seen via media such as museums. And also you can easily book flights from USA to India.

Here are some of the best sites for tourists to see in Philadelphia:

 Wissahickon Valley Park

 Independence Hall

 Franklin Court Printing Office

 Liberty Bell Center

 Reading Terminal Market

Yuki Ishi

New Member
The first place i have visited was UK Windsor. I went there in 2002 for my higher education and that was my first foreign trip. I have explored all the local places in there and really nice place for tourists and lot of tourists visit there to see royal Windsor castle, savill garden and beautiful thames river.


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Jersey, Channel Islands, as a kid with my family. We travelled by ferry from Weymouth in the UK and took the car with us. A great place for family holidays, fantastic beaches and stunning scenery.