What was the curse placed on the Mysore royal family, and who was responsible for it


The Mysore royal family has been haunted by a legendary curse for over 400 years. The curse originated with Queen Alamelamma, the wife of the last king of the Vijayanagar Empire. As the Wadiyars took control in 1612, they tried to seize her jewelry. To avoid capture, Alamelamma leapt into the River Cauvery, cursing the Wadiyars: "May Talakadu become barren, Malangi turn into a whirlpool, and may the Mysore kings never beget heirs

This curse has seemingly come true. Talakadu is now a desert, Malangi is plagued by whirlpools, and the Wadiyar dynasty has often struggled with succession, frequently adopting heirs from extended family due to the lack of direct descendants