What to wear in Russian winter?

That’s actually quite a question: How to dress in winter in Saint Petersburg?” Looks like the weather change within several recent years, and instead of snowy landscapes, Leningrad region turns into snowless streets and countryside. Interestingly, some trees start blooming right before New Year, thinking that it might be spring.

However, Russia can be an unpredictable country, when comes to weather. Therefore, if you are planning your journey to Russia and Saint Petersburg, in particular, don’t forget to get warm winter apparel.

  • Woolen scarf, hat and gloves: The location on the Neva river causes high humidity and periodical winds. Thus, even if the temperature is around 0 degrees, it might feel quite cold. Don’t rely on forecast a lot, trust your feelings!
  • Cozy long sweaters or waterproof coats are a must.
  • Thermal underwear: That’s what you need if temperature goes below 0. These clothes easily fit under usual jeans and shirts, so you’ll look casual and keep yourself away from cold.
  • Winter shoes, not sneakers. Apart from warmth, you will save yourself from accidental falling on ice. Get some woolen socks as well!
In case you forgot to bring some winter clothes with you, it is no problem to buy in any shopping mall of Saint Petersburg. A good shopping area will be Galeria and Nevsky stores.

Bonus! A special Russian recipe in case you actually got very cold: get a vodka shot. They say it works, so maybe worth trying :)