What makes Times Square the crossroads of the world after sunset?

Elsie Young

Active Member
When I visit Times Square as evening falls, it’s like stepping onto a stage where the whole world is the audience. The sunset is the cue for the lights to take over. They turn the night into a canvas of colors. I’m just one in the crowd, but I feel like I’m part of something big.

I see the billboards, huge and bright. They’re like stars, over 300 of them, lighting up the sky. People from everywhere, more than 350,000 a day, come here. We all share this moment. The lights, the noise, the buzz—it’s all part of the show.

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See street performancesWatch live entertainers and artists.Performers every few feet.
Relax at Bryant ParkTake a short walk to a nearby green space.Just 5 minutes away.

The theaters are close by, more than 40 of them. They’re the heart of Broadway, beating with stories and songs. I can feel the excitement. It’s like the air is charged with dreams. Times Square is where paths cross. It’s not just roads, but lives and stories. It’s where I meet the world. For a moment, we’re all going the same way, together. This place doesn’t sleep. It’s alive, 24/7, with over 460,000 people passing through on the busiest days. It’s the city’s heartbeat, and I can feel it.

This is my Times Square. It’s not just a crossroads of roads. It’s a crossroads of dreams, of lights, of people. It’s where I go to be part of the story of New York. And every time, it’s like the first time, full of wonder and life. This is the travel experience I always remember, simple yet grand, just like Times Square itself.

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