What is the best time to visit Yosemite firefall?

The best time to see the Yosemite firefall is typically during the month of February, as the conditions are typically ideal for the natural phenomenon to occur. During this time, the Horsetail Fall, a waterfall on the east side of El Capitan, is illuminated by the setting sun in such a way that the falling water appears to be on fire.

The exact dates of the firefall can vary each year, depending on factors such as the weather and the snowpack. Typically, it occurs during the last week of February, but it can be as early as mid-February or as late as early March. The firefall is visible for a few days, usually around sunset time (around 5:30 pm)

It's important to note that the firefall is a natural phenomenon and its visibility is dependent on various factors such as the amount of snow, the angle of the sun, and the weather conditions. So, it is not a guaranteed sight and the best way to check if the firefall will be visible is to check the park's website, or to contact the park's visitor center for updates.

Keep in mind, the park is very popular during this time, and the best way to see the firefall is to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot. Also, the park can be very cold and snowy during this time, so visitors should come prepared for the weather.