What is the best place for trekking in Goa?

One of the most popular activities that every traveler wants to do is trek in Goa.You will require assistance if you are prepared for your Goa trekking schedule.Even though almost any season is suitable for trekking in Goa, the best time to visit this stunning location is between October and December.

Best place for trekking in Goa :
  1. Dudhsagar Falls Trek
  2. Neuti Beach Trek
  3. Udaan Dongor Trek
  4. Trek To Todo Waterfalls
  5. Pali Waterfall Trek
  6. Arambol Trek
  7. Satregad Fort Trek
By far the best place for trekking in Goa is the Western Ghats . This region of mountains extends from North to South and is the Westernmost part of the Deccan Plateau . It is bordered on the west by the Arabian sea. The Ghats are the Western boundary of Goa and have many ranges of hills and peaks. The highest peak is the Bambolim peak at 675 meters above sea level.
There are various places to trek in Goa, but the best place for you may depend on your interests and preferences. If you're looking for an engaging environment with stunning views, head to Anjuna Beach or Vagator. For those who love hiking trails that are well-maintained and provide opportunities for wildlife spotting, Calangute is the perfect destination. And finally, if you want something more challenging than hikes along paved paths, then.
You can plan for this trek!
Dudhsagar Falls Trek
Neuti Beach Trek
Udaan Dongor Trek
Trek To Todo Waterfalls
Pali Waterfall Trek
Arambol Trek
Satregad Fort Trek
After Doing the trek, you can relax at Deltin Royale; their services are extreme & you can enjoy live music shows, Dinner & other entertainment things.
One of the top things on any traveler's wish list is trekking in Goa. You will require help if you are prepared with your Goa trekking itinerary. Although practically all of the seasons are excellent for trekking in Goa, October through December are the finest months to travel here. Only the monsoon season, which lasts from June to August, must be avoided because trekking in Goa won't be enjoyable while it's raining and stormy. With a strong sense of cooperation, we assembled some of the most thorough research to bring you the definitive list of the top six trekking locations in Goa. The destinations listed below are accessible to novice hikers as well as experienced hikers.

1. Todo Falls
2. Dudhsagar Falls,
3. Neuti Beach
4. Mount Wagheri
5. The Netravali Falls
6. Satregad Fort