What is the behind reason you go for traveling?


Traveling is a great experience for anybody open to it. There are many who go in groups and more who go solo. It gives one a feeling of exhilaration that varies for everybody. Some describe it as feeling that they’re just a small fragment of the vast world and that they’re not alone. Some others say that when they travel, they feel as if the world is their own vast adventure to keep exploring for the rest of their lives.

Both parties make some very good points.

But why do people travel at all? Generally, there are several reasons for people to travel.

● It provides a break from the monotony of life. You can take a break from your routine day-to-day work and just let go of yourself.

● It gives you a sense of spirituality and lets you be in touch with yourself. You will have a better understanding of who you are and your existence in this world.

● It teaches you to be street-smart, a very important quality to have. Not everybody is polite and honest; there are those who will ruthlessly take advantage of the fact that you’re new to a certain place. You need to be able to deal with such instances with a calm and collected mind.

● It teaches that you’re not alone in the world and that there are more people like you – some with you, some not.

● It gives you endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. This is perhaps the best part of traveling! Caves? Sky-diving? Rainforest exploration? You can go literally wherever you want!

● It gives you a different perspective of life that you have never known to exist before. The situations you will see and face will quite literally change your life.

● It gives you endless opportunities to see the world and be one with nature. You will come across too many varieties of people you can learn a lot from.

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Traveling always brings excitement to life. Traveling is a thrill of the unknown—the search for new experiences and knowledge. You are learning about different cultures, people, and landscapes.
Seeing things you never thought possible from a perspective you could only imagine. It is what draws us in to travel- it is endlessly fascinating!
Whatever your reason for wanting to travel may be, make sure you research various destinations carefully before making any decisions. That way, you can be confident that whatever destination you decide will provide a unique and enjoyable experience.
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I like to share one of my interesting traveling places with you.


The single city in Cumbria, Carlisle, was established as a Roman colony along Hadrian's Wall, the Roman Empire's northernmost frontier, in the second century.

The world's biggest Roman artifact is that enormous fortress, and Carlisle is close to forts and lengthy parts of the wall.

This border city between England and Scotland had a number of ownership changes during the Middle Ages.

At Carlisle Castle and the Tullie House Museum, you can fully immerse yourself in this volatile history while learning about historical figures like Mary Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie, a pretender to the British throne who overran the city in 1745.

look at this. such a nice place! "Carlisle Castle".

Perhaps more bloodshed has occurred at Carlisle Fortress than at any other English castle.
It was constructed by the Normans on top of a Roman fort around the end of the 11th century, during the reign of William II.

For the following 650 years, war was practically perpetual.

The final and arguably most notable fight of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobite insurrection against King George II in 1745 took place. His troops assaulted the stronghold but were immediately routed, killed, or taken prisoner.
Another one is "Settle- Carlisle Railway"

Settle-Carlisle Railway-​


Such a wonderful place. so why we are not interested to travel while we are looking kind of these loving places in many countries?
  • Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery

  • Lanercost Priory​

  • Hadrian’s Wall​

watch them 15 Best Things to do in Carlisle (Cumbria, England) and I wish you will also like and dream to travel in each and every place like that.
So get enjoy your travel experience more and more.!



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