What is Hemis in Ladakh famous for?

Hemis in Ladakh is celebrated in honor of the Buddhist Jeremiah, Guru Padmasambhava. He's also known as Guru Rimpoche, Padma Byung- gnas and Tibetan Slob- dpon.

The locals believe that he was a reincarnation of Lord Buddha and hence celebrate the jubilee on his birthday. According to Buddhists, it marks palm over wrong analogous to the popular Indian jubilee, Dussehra. People from the different corridors of Ladakh visit the Hemis Monastery annually to be part of the largest fests in the region.

Hemis in Ladakh turns into a vibrant place as the beats of cymbals, trumpets, and cans make the people vibe together in excitement. The locals are seen dressed in one of their best traditional garments to celebrate the great day. The 300- time-old Hemis Monastery wears a spectacular appearance as it's decked up for the fests.