What is Flying Etiquette? Dos and Don’ts of Air Travel?

When you're in a social setting, it's anticipated of you that you abide by certain forms. Flying is no exception to this. While an air trip can be stressful in itself( what with altitude change, moving across time zones, air sickness,etc.) the in-flight geste of certain passengers can add to the uneasiness on an airplane and put you in a bad mood. Then are certain do’s and don’ts of air travel that insure the flight trip is as comfortable and trouble-free as possible for both yourself and your fellow passengers.

1. DO Dress Up in Layers
2. DON’T block the Aisle when Boarding
3. DO Stretch and Move Around on a Plane
4. DO Drink Lots of Water
5. DON’T Pack Pungent Food Items
6. DO Utilize Your Own Overhead and Underseat Space
7. DON’T Rush When Deboarding