What are your top 10 travel tips?




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We shoot videos while traveling, and the main thing for us is to take a lot of devices!) but last year we noticed that during a trip to Vladivostok it was very hot, and you need to stock up on sunscreen.

Мы снимаем видео в путешествиях, и главное для нас взять много устройств!) но еще в прошлом году мы заметили, что во время поездки во Владивосток было очень жарко, и нужно запастись солнцезащитным кремом
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Buy travel insurance and Get an international driver's license. Travel by yourself at least once. Don't be afraid to use a map. Most importantly Print copies of your accommodation reservation and your tickets. Book Refundable Hotel Rooms In Advance.


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I like this checklist, and I will definitely use it to prepare for my next trip. But I would like to add another point there: to check the safety of your destination. There are so many risks that you can face during your traveling. I prefer to prepare myself more thoroughly for the way. My latest trip was to Florida, and I've heard a lot of ugly stuff about this place. So, I was looking for the possibility to avoid it and found https://www.travelsafe-abroad.com/united-states/daytona-beach/. As for me, this source is very helpful, and there you can find all the info regarding the place you want to visit.
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If you are traveling in group, here's some tips:

Choose people to fulfill different roles, someone for researching trip, someone for managing finances, some travel etc.

Avoid cramming too many activities in one day, include time for relaxation, ensure everybody gets a chance to choose an activity and present ideas

make sure communication is extremely open, everyone should have everybodys' phone number

If travelling in a group, book a rental bus for easiest commute from one place to another.
Travelling is like exploring a new world with excitement and new hopes.
All the above-mentioned traveling tips are very practical and need to take care of by every traveler.
Especially when you are traveling alone, it gives you extra confidence and independent experience.

For such tips and tricks you can keep reading travel blogs there you will get to know all the practical experiences.

Additionally, keep a separate copy of all the documents with you. As we all are pretty familiar with technical stuff we can put all these documents online also.


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I have a lot of travel tips, from booking your flight to how to save money at the restaurants. However, one of the best travel tips I discovered that saved me a lot of money is booking a free city tour everywhere I go on https://www.freetour.com/. I discovered them almost a year ago, and I am sure I saved more than a thousand dollars. On top of that, they have a lot of free tours in different cities and different languages. In this way, everyone from your friend group can enjoy the trip and perfectly understand everything the guide tells you.
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  1. Be Flexible. ...
  2. Make A List. ...
  3. Learn Common Phrases Of The Local Language. ...
  4. Remember An Extra Camera Battery (Or Two) ...
  5. Continuously Bring A Sarong. ...
  6. Continuously Buy Travel Insurance. ...
  7. Make Photocopies Of Important Documents. ...
  8. Pack Extra Underwear.
  9. More items...

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Thank you so much for the lovely post. My opinion is that don't overthink your trip because the plan is always cool and enjoyable.

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Pre plan about the places you gonna visit.
Do proper research on the destinations, transport modes, your timing to decide what the suitable location and modes for you.Select a hotel and book it before seasonal rush starts. Take required medicines because sometimes you may not find nearby pharmacies. Then take some canned food. And always be alert about your safety when dealing with locals.Check for bank card offers.

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