What are the upcoming weekend travel destinations from Bangalore?


  • Bheemeshwari (95 km Away )
  • Lepakshi (120 km Away)
  • Shivanasamudra Falls (140 km Away)
  • Mysore (160 km Away)
  • Kabini (170 km Away)
  • Yercaud (190 km Away)
  • Chikmagalur (240 km Away)
  • Ooty (252 km Away)

    These are the places to visit in Upcoming weekends.
Here are some upcoming weekend travel destinations from Bangalore:
  1. Coorg (Kodagu)
  2. Chikmagalur
  3. Mysore
  4. Hampi
  5. Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
  6. Wayanad
  7. Yercaud
  8. Kabini
  9. Sakleshpur
  10. Gokarna
For a weekend getaway from Bangalore, consider these destinations:

  1. Mysore: Known for its majestic Mysore Palace and vibrant local markets, it's just a 3-hour drive from Bangalore.
  2. Coorg: A 5-hour drive away, this hill station offers lush coffee plantations, scenic waterfalls, and peaceful ambiance.
  3. Chikmagalur: Famous for its coffee estates and stunning landscapes, it's about 4 hours from Bangalore.
  4. Ooty: Around 6 hours away, this popular hill station in Tamil Nadu boasts beautiful botanical gardens and pleasant weather.
  5. Hampi: A 6-hour drive to explore ancient ruins, temples, and rich history, making it a UNESCO World Heritage site.