What are the Clean Beaches in India?


India boasts an abundance of beaches, both pristine and not. But in a nation as chaotic and congested as India, some beaches can startle you by how surreal they can seem (owing to their glittering and clean appearance).

Enter Marari Beach. a Clean beach in Kerala, India, resembles a stunning artwork by a well-known artist. The coconut palm trees are arranged in a line as though they were attentive sentinels defending the shore. The Arabian Sea tides saunter in and out, adding further significance to the heavy palm cover, grass, and, finally, sand that take centre stage.

Where in Kerala is Marari Beach?
It is just a short distance from several of the state's towns and cities. You can fly to Kochi and then drive to this remote location (that alone will make your visit to the state worthwhile). The NH 47 connects Kochi to Marari by car. You may go to this beautiful beach in an hour by travelling a distance of about 40 kilometres. However, traffic is frequently very heavy, which can add about 30 minutes to your travel time. The distance between Kochi Airport and Marari Beach might occasionally be travelled in more than two hours.

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