What are the cheap places to visit in USA for a Minimal Traveller?


Although the United States isn't typically considered to be a cheap travel option, some truly amazing American experiences won't break the wallet. There are several options for low-cost vacations in the United States, including road excursions, beach vacations, and getaways in the countryside. Listed below are a few cheap places to visit in US for travellers on a tight budget.

  • Glacier National Park, Montana
  • Moab, Utah
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • The Finger Lakes, New York
I Know that there are ample of places to visit in USA. but I would like to tell more about particular place called, Birmingham. There are so many attractions to visit, McWane Science Center, The Museum of Art, Vintage Motorsports Museum and Railroad Park are some of the places.
Just try to visit, Birmingham and share your ideas too:)
Mexico is one of my favorite countries. It features some of the greatest beaches in the world, fantastic food, a lively culture, and a rich history. Mexico has a variety of landscapes, including the Caribbean coast, mountains in the center, deserts in the north, and lush rainforests in the south. Because it's a place that takes time and effort to explore, so many people keep coming back. I've put up a list of Mexico travel suggestions after spending some time around the country to help you plan your vacation.
There are many inexpensive and traveler-friendly attractions and activities available in San Antonio, Texas. Here are some San Antonio attractions and activities that are reasonably priced:

1. The San Antonio River Walk: The River Walk, which offers miles of beautiful pathways along the San Antonio River, is a must-see attraction. Free activities include taking a stroll along the river, taking in the vibrant atmosphere, and taking in the lush greenery.

2. The Alamo: The Alamo, a famous landmark of Texas history, is open to visitors for free. You can stroll around the grounds, read up on the Alamo Battle, and go to the museum.

3. San Fernando Cathedral: One of the country's oldest cathedrals, the San Fernando Cathedral is situated in Main Plaza. On the exterior of the cathedral, a free light show called "San Antonio: The Saga" is being projected.

4. El Mercado (Market Square): El Mercado is a market in the style of Mexico where you can shop for low-cost trinkets, Mexican arts and crafts, and take in the vibrant atmosphere. Here, window shopping is free.

Look for Alamo trees and historical landmarks while taking a walk or boat ride along the River Walk. Try the cuisine of San Antonio's Pearl District or enroll in a cooking class if you want to eat well there.
You might find it a little boring to just wander around the city center. You will give up your inner cowboy near the Hill Country because of caving and lodging. Depending on when you travel there, you'll have the opportunity to take part in their carnivals.