What are the best Indian restaurants in Dallas?

Dallas is an exciting metropolis in Texas's northern region. When visiting this county, you will find many exciting activities to do, such as shopping, visiting tourist attractions, and enjoying local cuisine. Trying new restaurants is another enjoyable activity in Dallas. If you're looking for a change from your regular meals, these Indian restaurants are ideal. You will enjoy some of the most exotic dishes with vibrant flavors and a relaxing atmosphere. Read on now to find out where you should go!

  1. Roti Grill
  2. Urban Tadka
  3. Kalachandjis
  4. Spice Village Indian Restaurant
  5. Mumbai Grill
  6. EggHolic
  7. Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine
  8. A1 Indian Grill
These are some of the best Indian restaurants in Dallas where you can eat delicious food and make your stay more comfortable. Indulging in these delectable foods will be an unforgettable experience. So, what are you holding out for? Plan your trip, book cheap Indian Eagle flights, and visit Dallas to enjoy many fun activities as well as delicious meals!


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I'm a huge fan of Indian and European restaurants. Next year I am planning to visit Dallas, so I will check the restaurants mentioned by you, travel lover. Right now I'm planning to visit Germany, can someone recommend me good restaurants in the Munchen area?


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I would recommend you start with Kalachandjis or A1 Indian Grill restaurants. I think these restaurants have the best menu among all Indian restaurants on the list. I had been to Muchen 2 years ago, and I remember we visited an awesome European food restaurant in Fussen, a small city near Munchen. If I remember right, it was Riwa Restaurant, and prices were not too high, menu and food quality were excellent.
Update. I just asked my wife, and she sent me their link riwa-restaurant.de. Also, you can check for reviews on TripAdvisor, and maybe you will find similar restaurants close to Munchen.
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