What are some good things to do near the beach in Kerala?

Still, you must visit the strands in Kerala, If you're going for a vacation in God’s own country. These strands are positioned along the bank of Kerala and they're unique in their beauty and air. You can move by auto along the state’s only drive- in sand at Muzhappilangad, shop to your heart’s glory at upscale resorts near Kovalam’s strands or explore the tranquil settings of strands like Cherai, Thiruvmabadi, Kappil and Marari.

Varkala Beach, Kovalam Beach, Bekal Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Chavakkad Beach, Nattika Beach, Neendakara Beach, Kappad Beach, Marari Beach, Payyambalam Beach, Kozhikode Beach, Meenkunnu Beach and many more.
Kerala's stunning beaches are surrounded by a wide range of activities. There's something for everyone to enjoy on the beach in Kerala, from leisurely sunbathing sessions to engaging in water activities like surfing and parasailing, seeing the neighboring fishing towns, getting a revitalizing Ayurvedic massage, or just savoring delicious seafood at seaside shacks.
Some good things to do near the beach in Kerala include:
  1. Relaxing on the golden sands and soaking up the sun.
  2. Swimming or taking a dip in the clear waters of the Arabian Sea.
  3. Enjoying water sports like surfing, parasailing, and jet skiing.
  4. Taking a leisurely stroll along the coastline and enjoying the scenic views.
  5. Exploring nearby attractions like lighthouses, fishing villages, and coastal towns.
  6. Sampling fresh seafood at beachside shacks and restaurants.
  7. Watching the sunset over the horizon for a breathtaking view.
  8. Participating in beach yoga or meditation sessions for relaxation and rejuvenation.
These activities offer a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences, making them ideal for beachgoers in Kerala and Discover the best things to do in Kerala.