What are some beautiful beaches over the Andhra Pradesh coast border?

The flexible province of Andhra is a blend of both culture and trustworthiness. The principal territory of India was framed post-etymological autonomy of the country in the year 1953. What's more, since its origin, it has been ahead in all types of advancement.
Andhra Pradesh is beckoning you if you shout beaches between "mountains or sea?" and "mountains or sea?" Andhra Pradesh is enthralling in every way. It might be the people or the historical convergence. If you're seeking a relaxing vacation spot, Andhra Pradesh is the place to go; not just because of its stunning beaches, but also because the peacefulness in the air is enticing.

1. Rishikonda Beach
2. Suryalanka Beach
3. Yarada Beach
4. Mypadu Beach
5. Ramapuram Beach