What are a few ways to go plastic-free during travel?



My personal 4 tips which I use on my travel are:

1. Use a stainless steel canteen - Be it for water or food, you can really take this small step and bring about a huge change.

2. Toiletries - Instead of carrying small plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap, you can carry bars that are really easy to pack.

3. Invest in clothes made from plastic bottles - There are tons of brands in the market today that make great high-performance travel gear that not only last super long, but are made from dozens of plastic bottles per piece.

4. Use silicone reusable bags - Though not biodegradable, reusable silicone bags are much better than single-use plastic bags to use on the road. Whether you’re storing food or stashing accessories, they come in handy and keep things in place.

Hope that I these will come handy!

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