Whale Watching in Mirissa


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All by chance My wife and i had the chance of going on a whale watching trip in Mirissa.We got know about whale watching after reach the Island actually once we got here in Mirissa.First my wife felt some sort of fear but later on she took a keen interest in the trip.I went through the TripAdviosr and chose to do it with <a href="https://whalewatching-mirissa.com">Whale Watching Chaminda</a> .We left right on 7 in the morning and on the go we were offered morning cinnamon tea as well as milk tea . but I prefered Cinnamon tea. In another 15 minutes there came up the long awaited moment. Yeah it is a wonderful blue whale. Anive guy on board came forward give a briefing about whale and its unknown facts . Really interesting.on my right side just about 75 M the second whale. it is too a blue whale. I forgot my Wife and kept watching far into the sea for whales. there arrived another two boats so we drove another 20 minutes in to the sea. again we were lucky to sport another couple whales.Yeah it is mother blue whale and calf. we did not reach too close we stay clear of them not to disturb them.The team were really caring about the whales and their freedom.We had a good breakfast. and enjoyed snacks as well. on the way back we had fruits. we really enjoyed the whale watching trip I suggest whale watching to everyone which is really an opportunity of a lifetime.is so thrilling to see their interactions in their natural habitat.


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