Virtual Guided Tours - Traveling Alternative?

This travel season seems to go not as smooth as earlier, but most importantly is to have people healthy. Without much regrets, but more seeing an opportunity in the whole pandemic situation, there is a series of video tours around Saint Petersburg.

If interested, watch and let me know your opinion! To get notifications on new videos, subscribe to this Youtube channel and do not forget to visit this website for more interesting information about Saint Petersburg!
I really hope you enjoy this alternative to travelling, at least for now. Although really hope to see you in Saint Petersburg if not this, but probably next year
Also share your opinion, do you think that such virtual tours can be an alternative to normal traveling?
You don’t have to go far for a great experience, you can explore your local environment. You will be surprised by what you want to do, where to look, and what you want to learn.
Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful places, where beauty is fascinating the mind of the people. There is a lots of desire to travel here. Historical places in Saint Petersburg are very god that I would like to see.

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