Vietnam Tour Booking or Halong-Bay-Tours worth it?


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Next week, I have bussiness in Hanoi, Vietnam during a week, i have only 1 day break, i want to visit Halong Bay and enjoy cruise one night. Any recommendation about how to get halong bay from hanoi and what's best cruise in there.? Another question, i searched on net to find best tour agency in Vietnam to book tour, i found 2 agencies and Have anyone travel one of them? can you tell me some advices?

Thanks a lot
Vietnam Tour Booking and Halong Bay Tours sound good, but if you want to travel in Halong i think you should book cruise or tour at Halong Bay Tours because as i saw, they have more cruise than Vietnam Tour Booking.
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They both are look good: Halong Bay Tours and Vietnam Daily Tours and your should read more at: Halong Bay 2 days 1 night cruise


Sunset in Halong Bay 2 day cruise package tour​
Halong Bay is a Best Places to Visit in Vietnam when you go to vietnam you must explore Halong Bay and many other places of vietnam.