Vietnam Northwest Cycling Adventure Tour


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This 12-day cycling journey through 26 ethnic communities in Northwest Vietnam delivers some of the most breathtaking and vibrant scenery. You will have the chance to investigate the fabled route that led to Dien Bien Phu's 1954 victory. Pha Din, Long Pass, and O Quy Ho are three breathtaking passes that you will experience during the route. We start in Hoa Binh, the Northwest entrance of Vietnam, and go to Hanoi. Before traveling over a single road to Moc Chau, we first travel to Mai Chau, known for its verdant rice paddies tucked away amid the Thai and Muong people. Meet the wonderful people who live here; Moc Chau is one of the most pure and picturesque plateaus in the Northwest highland region. The road that runs between Moc Chau and Son Lai is quite remarkable, both for its breathtaking scenery and the variety of cultures that can be found there.
We pause in Dien Bien Phu, the "Heroic City" of Vietnam, where since 1954 the history of the Indo-Chinese War has been maintained.

Next is Sapa, which is in the isolated Northwest highland region of Vietnam at an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. Sapa is mostly known for its stunning, untamed landscape and abundant ethnic diversity. Located close to the Chinese border in the Hoang Lien Son mountain ranges is this wonderfully lovely village. The Saps region, also referred to as the "Tonkina Alps," is home to numerous hill tribes, rice terraces, abundant foliage, and Fansipan, Vietnam's highest peak.

You will be greeted at Noi Bai International Airport by your guide and driver, who will then bring you to the Vietnam 28 hotel located in the center of Hanoi. Vietnam's vibrant and ancient city, Hanoi, blends some of Asia's most remarkable colonial buildings with a distinct old world charm. After you check in and unwind, we'll have a briefing about the schedule and the forthcoming excursion. We will provide a quick tour of the Old Quarter's busy streets so you can take in both the city's current and historical splendor. We will enjoy a welcome reception and a typical Vietnamese supper at a well-known restaurant after the trip. Spend the night in Hanoi.

Distance: 80km

We depart the bustling city of Hanoi after a filling breakfast at the hotel and make our way to Xuan Mai, the starting site. Before leaving for Cuc Phuong National Park, our first stop, we will adjust the motorcycles here. We will go via some charming towns and rice terraces to the southwest of Hanoi. You will see the stunning Red River Delta and breathtaking, towering mountain ranges. You will get the chance to converse with the perpetual grins and boisterous hellos of the local schoolchildren and townspeople.After lunch at a neighborhood eatery, we'll travel to Nho Quan by way of the riverbank and mountain ranges, stopping along the way to take in the gorgeous scenery. Our last stop is the Coc Phuong Resort, where you can unwind with a refreshing drink before supper and the night.

Distance: 85km

Following breakfast, the shuttle bus will transport you to Cuc Phuong National Park, where you will have the opportunity to tour the Vietnam 8Endangered Promate Rescue Center and gain insight into the vital efforts being made to safeguard the park's endangered species. Discover more about the diverse range of plants and animals found in the National Park by exploring the Turtle Conservation Center. After our tour, we'll ride a bus into the park to see more of Vietnam's largest park before continuing on to the town of Kim Tan. We'll stop for lunch along the way and ride on single-track dirt roads until we reach the Phu Luong Nature Reserve. This is an intriguing, lush woodland with beautiful rice terraces and an amazing landscape. We will stay in a house with a local family in Nua Village and have dinner with them when we arrive.

Distance: 80km

We get up early today to take in the unspoiled surroundings and clean air in the heart of the Phu Luong Nature Reserve. You will be able to stroll around the Thai village and take in the day-to-day activities as well as the customs and daily life of the locals. Before saying our goodbyes to our hosts, we shall have breakfast together. From the homestead, we continue riding through picturesque Thai villages and rice terraces until we reach Mai Chau. Take in lunch while exploring Mai Chau's and Phu Luong's hidden charms. We will proceed to Mai Chau town by traveling the fabled Ho Chi Minh trail after lunch. You will have time to check in and refuel once we get at the Ecolodge. After dinner, we're going to the local homestay to see a live music performance.

Distance: 50km

You'll be served to a typical Thai Vietnamese breakfast consisting of cake, hot coffee, and tea as you awaken early to the sounds of birds and chickens. Following breakfast, we'll cycle through many communities along a variety of well-maintained single-track routes. As we go through the verdant rice terraces, the scenery is breathtaking. Fan palms, which are cultivated especially for use as roofing material, are exclusive to this region. Traversing the rice fields with terraces, we pass hot springs and cross suspension bridges. After stopping for a picnic lunch, we resume traveling on single tracks and buffalo trails until we reach Phom Coon village. After we get here, you have the afternoon to yourself to ride your bike and explore the hamlet and its trails. Spend the night at a Thai homestay.

Distance: 85km

Vietnam 7We depart Mai Chau after breakfast and make our way to Bai Sang. Along the Da River, we start our ride with an off-road segment. This is a strenuous day with some lengthy climbs and several potholes in the road, but the breathtaking scenery and welcoming locals make up for it. We will take a brief ride along National Route No. 6, which served as the Dien Bien Phu campaign's logistical and munitions supply route. After a lunch and refreshment break along the route, we will ride on to the Moc Chau Plateau. This area, which is among the most immaculate and stunning in the entire Northern Mountain region, draws a remarkable group of individuals from various backgrounds. We spend the night at the Sen Xanh Hotel after checking in and unwinding.

Distance: 115km

We are traveling to the Son La Province, a stunning mountain scenery of the Northwest region, today after breakfast. There are 26 distinct ethnic communities in the province of Son La, with Thai and Black Thai constituting the majority. One of the finest ways to discover these places and their people and cultures is by bicycle. We spend the night in a 3-star hotel in Hanoi.

Distance: 87km

We cross the Pa Din Pass between Son La and Tuan Giao today, which is one of the hardest rides of the tour. The elevation gain is 18 km, and the descent is 14 km. Magnificent local scenery, featuring limestone mountains rising from the valley floor, rewards one's journey. We'll pause for refreshments and a picture opportunity when we get to the top. Before beginning the descent into Tuan Giao town, we will inspect the equipment here. We'll pause here for lunch before continuing on to Dien Dien. You can choose to go to the Dien Bien hotel and unwind there. When we arrive in Dien Bien we will check into the hotel and have a cool beverage and a chance to relax and refresh. Overnight Him Lam Eco Tour Resort.

Distance: 114km

After breakfast today, we make our way back to Tuan Giao, where we start our journey to Thanh Uyen by stopping at the major market of Hoi An, Vietnam, to buy colorful veggies. There are two long passes to complete on this lengthy ride—one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Along the route, you'll pass through verdant forests, limestone mountains, stunning rice terraces, and stunning vistas. The tribes of Dao and Thai will extend a warm welcome to you along the trip.
The trip along the Da River and the Electric Power dam is the tour's high point. We will go down the Nam Mit River's bank, which leads to the Ban Trat Electric Power company, after stopping for lunch in Muong Ang. You will have time to unwind and have a shower before dinner when we get to Than Uyen in the late afternoon. We're having dinner at a well-liked local eatery. Spend the night at the Hotel Phuong Nhung.

Distance: 98km

We conquer the 38-kilometer-long pass in Northwest Vietnam on this difficult trip. O Quy Ho is the name of this pass, which connects the Lai Chau and Lao Cai provences. 2120 meters above sea level is the summit. We begin our trip today by traveling through some of Panxiphang's breathtakingly beautiful limestone mountains. The ethnic tribes that have lived here together for hundreds of years are the Ha Mong, Dao, Day, Tay, Nung, and Dao Pho. We will pause for lunch when we get to the Binh Lu T intersection. We begin our climb to Tram Ton Summit after lunch. We will stop when we get to the summit so that we may have a look around. We will next make our way down to Sapa, where we will have time for a well-earned relaxation. You can benefit from a dry herbal medicinal massage when we get to Sapa. We're having dinner at Grill Nature Bar tonight. Spend the night at the Sunny Hotel.

Distance: 40km

Today is a day to unwind and recuperate by taking a leisurely bike trip to the Vietnamese villages of Lao Chai, 17 Tavan, Supan, and Ban Ho. This is a chance to get to know the residents, snap some pictures, and meet them. We're going to have lunch at a local homestay when we get to Ban Ho. We will proceed to the town of Sapa after lunch. After arriving in Sapa, we have the remainder of the day to ourselves to unwind, wonder, and visit the Sapa Tourist Market. We are spending the night at the three-star Sunny Hotel and having dinner at the Red Dao restaurant tonight.

Distance: 45km

On this final day of our vacation across Northwest Vietnam, we leave the hotel after breakfast and make our way to Hanoi. We will pause for lunch throughout the four-hour journey. On the way back, we'll see magnificent natural settings and sleepy settlements. You will have some alone time when we get to the hotel before our last farewell meal at a nearby oriental restaurant. Make your way to the airport in time for your intended departure.
Your detailed itinerary takes me on a thrilling adventure through the diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of Northwest Vietnam. I'm impressed by how you've meticulously crafted each day's activities, blending opportunities for exploration, cultural immersion, and natural beauty.

Your vivid descriptions transport me to bustling Hanoi, tranquil national parks, picturesque villages, and challenging mountain passes. The way you weave historical insights, such as the significance of Dien Bien Phu, into the itinerary adds depth and context to the experience.

I particularly appreciate how you've thoughtfully included interactions with local communities, allowing travelers like me to connect with the people and traditions of Vietnam. From staying with families in homestays to sharing meals at local eateries, these authentic experiences promise to be the highlight of the journey.