Travelling to St Petersburg on a budget

How to enjoy a trip to Saint Petersburg and save money? This article is just about it.

First thing first. Book your tickets in advance.

Many airlines and train commuters offer tickets several months before the actual trip. So if you have a real intention to explore the Northern capital of Russia, go for it! Purchase tickets earlier.

Tip number two. Travel in a non-travel season.

Summer is very active in terms of travelling, especially when speaking of such a popular place as Saint Petersburg. Every summer the city is visited by over a million of tourists. So the advice is to visit the city in autumn. Early autumn is the best option: there are no such queues to tourist attractions, accommodation is generally cheaper. Thus, you save both time and money.

Take advantage of free admission days.

This rule works for some museums of Saint Petersburg. Generally, it is one day of the month when you can enter several museums for free. Thereby, check the details on museums’ websites to plan your visit ahead.

Save money on transportation.

If you prefer using public transport in any city of your stay, a good option will be to buy a city card. At least, it works perfectly in St Pete. You’ll get discounts in some hotels, cafes and shops, as well as will easily use buses, trams, trolleys and subway.

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