Travelling to Oman with children


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We are planning a family trip to Oman in 2022 (hopefully covid won’t be a problem by then). I’ve already looked up the documents required to travel to the country, such as the visa for Oman for British citizens, as well as the most popular tourist attractions but I was wondering if any of you had recommandations on kid-friendly places and activities in Oman? We really want our children to have fun on this trip since we haven’t travelled in a while.



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If you planning a family trip to Oman in 2022, hopefully by then the situation will be under control.

There is a number of beautiful and amazing places to have fun with your family like:

Masirah Island
Musandam Dibba Tour
Wahiba Sands
Jebel Akhdar

My suggestion is first to visit Musandam Dibba Tour where the tourist crowd will be less and thereafter you may go to other places as mentioned above.


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The majority of people are unfamiliar with Oman. They may have heard a few rumors about desert forts, undulating sand dunes, and majestic mountains, but that's likely all they've heard. However, this is an excellent family vacation spot. There are so many things to do with kids in Oman, and they are all very simple! The roads are excellent, the accommodations are excellent, the activities are diverse and extremely family-oriented, the people are delightful, and everything is extremely safe.