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Dien Bien is a mountainous border province in the northwestern region, 500 km west of Hanoi; bounded by Lai Chau province to the north and Son La province to the east and north-east, Yunnan province of China to the northwest; to the west and southwest by the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Dien Bien province is rich in tourism potential, especially its culture and history. The most prominent is the historic Dien Bien Phu victory system, including Dien Bien Phu - Muong Phang campaign headquarters; Him Lam, Ban Keo, Doc Lap; The hills A1, C1, D1, E1 and the center of the conglomerate of France (De Castries Tunnel). This relic is a precious resource for tourism development for Dien Bien province and the Northwest area also.
When to go?


  • Visit Dien Bien on the occasion of Dien Bien Phu Victory Day 7th May to enjoy the happiness of Dien Bien people in this special occasion.
  • Around the third month of the calendar is the season of camel's foot flowers (kachnar) blossoming on all over of northwest area.


  • In December, along the 2 sides of the National Highway No.6 to Dien Bien is fulfill by the yellow of Japanese sunflower bloomed.
  • Around August 8-9 to see rice crop sightseeing in some other areas.



  • In November as white mustard flowers bloomed everywhere in Moc Chau.
How to go
  • By Bus
Sleep bus to Dien Bien daily run at My Dinh Bus Station in Hanoi, duration from 12-13 hours. Traveling by sleep bus has the advantage of being able to send a motorbike.


If you dont want to go by bus, taking a motorbike is a good idea to travel from Hanoi to Dien Bien for a whole day to take the distance of 500km.

  • By Airplane
Currently Vietnam air travel is the only airline to operate the route of Hanoi - Dien Bien, the aircraft used for this flight is ATR 72. Round trip fare is about 2,8 mil VND.

There are 94 hotels in Dien Bien province operating with nearly 1400 rooms. In which 7 hotels are rating from 1- 4 star standards. Most of the rest are standardized to serve tourists, so you have many choices when traveling to Dien Bien.

Tourist sites in Dien Bien

The purpose of tourists to Dien Bien is to visit the old battlefield, re-examine their perceptions of human resources tourism to enrich their knowledge.


Dien Bien Province also has many historical relics and scenic spots that can satisfy even the most demanding tourists such as historical site of Thanh Ban Phu for spirituality tourism; Uva hot spring, Pe Luong, Sang village; Pa Thom Cave, Pa Khoang Lake, Muong Luan Tower, Chieng So, Huổi Phạ, Hồng Khế ..., or you can enjoy the adventure by exploring primeval forest in Muong Nhe ...
Special foods

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The cuisine of Dien Bien is unique and satisfy visitor from everywhere, such as:

Dien Bien Tam Rice

Tua Chua Black Chicken

Vegetables of carmel's foot flowers

Tua Chua Snow Shan Tea

Sau chit acohol


Terraced field sticky rice

Muong Thanh bird's stick rice

Cabbage rolled green loquat

Banana leaves rolled grilled pork

The intangible cultural heritage of Dien Bien province is also outstanding to develop tourism with a long history of formation, with 21 ethnic groups living.


This is reflected in customs, habits and festivals of ethnic minority people with festivals such as the typical festival of Ban Phu Citadel is held on 24th - 25th February of the lunar calendar, to tribute to the hero Hoang Cong Chat and two local leaders of General Ngai and General Khanh who led his people to successfully expel foreign invaders.


In addition, there are many special festivals of ethnic minorities such as: Thai people have agricultural rituals such as welcome the first thunder, new rice ceremony, worshiping rice field, water greeting ceremony, rain prayer ceremony...

The highlight of the ceremony is Xen Ban ceremony to pray for a year of good weather, fresh crops, people get a comfortable life, well-off and happy.


Thai people also have many other typical festivals such as Xen Phan Be (goat head cutting), Kin Pang Then (offering heaven); Kin Khui (release of bad luck)....

Dien Bien highland market
At the markets in Tua Chua district, people to the market with the purpose of trading and enjoy the market and meeting their friends. Tua Chua has 3 main markets of Muong Bang, Xa Nhe and Ta Sin Thang.


In the busy market atmosphere, couples find each other. They have used the leaves flute, lips flute to sent love, confession and get together. They gave each other bracelets, mirrors to believe. The meeting in this spring is the bridge give many boys and girls become wives and husbands.

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It looks very beautiful, I've always wanted to visit a place like this. I'm just about to take a vacation to fly my family to some exotic place. I think the Asian atmosphere will be something new for both me and the kids, the only thing left to do is to decide on a date and arrange a ticket at a good price on the same website. Get a quote from aero jet services if you too are going to fly somewhere soon.
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