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Travel companions - Find a travel buddy/buddies / partner/s, plan trips and travel together. Want to organize a meet-up? Leave a post here!​

Trips can be a lot more enjoyable when travelling with a like minded companion or companions. Costs can be shared too to make the trip more affordable!

  • Post details of the trip / holiday that you would like to go on?
  • Your departure location?
  • The approximate date that you would like to take the trip / holiday and how long?
  • What kind of travelling companion/s you are looking for?
  • What is your budget for the trip?
  • A little about yourself and what you are looking for on the trip.
Want to meetup with someone locally on your trip?
Already booked a trip or booking a trip and would like to meetup with a local or someone travelling to the same destination? This is the place to leave your request.

Due diligence: It is important not to take unnecessary risks. Do not give out your personal details, e-mail or phone number, until you feel that the contact seems like the kind of person you would be interested in hearing from.

Video call

Please do your research on the potential travel companions/s, a background check on social media is a good starting point. If you are able to chat on the phone (or Skype / WhatsApp/ Zoom/ FaceTime or other video call app ideally) beforehand, this can help a lot too. Always let other people know what you are doing before meeting anyone, preferably take a friend with you too.

Beware of internet scams:
  • Never wire someone money, especially using a service like Western Union, and not ever overseas, it is the same as sending someone cash. If someone asks you to do this, it is nearly always a scam.
  • Use your common sense. If someone asks you for personal financial information make sure you‘re 100% certain that you trust them.
Make a list of questions/information points relevant to the stay eg:
  • the kind of trip expected
  • the expected daily schedule
  • sleeping/eating arrangements etc.

Enjoy your trip and drop a review of it here :)

*Please note our terms and conditions of use. We offer no protection, warranties, guarantees or insurance by using this forum posting service. Use of this travel buddy forum is at your own risk.

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Raveling with a companion can be a great way to make the journey more enjoyable and to have someone to share experiences with. If you're looking for a travel companion, there are a few things you can do to find one. One option is to ask friends or family members if they would be interested in joining you on your trip. Another option is to join a travel-focused social network or website, where you can connect with other individuals who are also looking for travel companions. You can also reach out to travel groups or organizations in your area to see if they have any upcoming trips or events you could join. No matter your approach, it's essential to be cautious and take the time to get to know your potential travel companion before committing to traveling together.