Transit through New York


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I will be transiting through New York on a Wednesday in February.
Arrive from Dubai into JFK at 2pm and depart LaGuardia at 7pm.
Allowing for immigration, transfer and check in time, is there any option for a short tour or is it best to go direct to LaGuardia?
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Here's what I would recommend:

  • Head straight to LaGuardia: This might not be the most exciting option, but it's the safest bet to make sure you catch your connecting flight without any worries.
Even though you won't have time for kayaking, here are a couple of cool things you can do at the airport or nearby:
  • Explore the Airport: Most big airports like LaGuardia have fun shops, restaurants, and even play areas. You could grab a yummy New York-style pretzel, check out some cool souvenirs, or maybe even play some video games to pass the time.
  • Quick NYC Tour (if you have extra time): If your layover is longer than expected, you might be able to squeeze in a very quick NYC tour! Some companies offer express tours that take you to iconic landmarks like Times Square or the Empire State Building in a short amount of time. This would definitely give you a quick peek at the city without the kayaking adventure.
Here's the key takeaway:

While a full-blown kayaking adventure might not be possible on this trip, there are still ways to experience a bit of New York City during your layover. Prioritize catching your flight, and if you have some extra time, explore the airport or see if a super-fast NYC tour is an option.