Trang An Boat Tour

Trang An Boat Tour – First choice for Ninh Binh
Trang An Boat Tour is is the first activity of choice for traveler in Ninh Binh. Boat is special activity in Vietnam, attracting crowds of people from all over the world come to this city to admire a lot of caves and temples while you also can enjoy a peaceful boat trip is like Halong Bay on land. Limestone mountains grow out over the river, it makes a wonderful look – out over the river. It is therefore not uncommon to see a city with the interest of visitors. You can also easily visit Mua Cave, Thai Vi Temple or Tam Coc area. Because these destinations are not so far away from each other.


Why Trang An Boat Tour ?
Trang An Boat Ride becoming an attractive tourist attraction with the granted beauty, Trang An ecological tourism area is the first choice of a lot of local and foreign tourists. This place is an extremely ideal spot for you to relax so let’s check this article for valuable experience of taking Trang An tour!
Trang An is a large ecological tourism are belonging to Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex with the total area of 12.000 hectares, located at Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binhprovince , around 100 km away from Hanoi. It was ranked as the the national heritage of great importance by Vietnam government and recognized as the first cultural and natural heritage of Vietnam by UNESCO.

Why Hanoi Trang An Boat Tour

Spectacular scenery
The scenery in Trang An Grottoes is very similar to Halong Bay such as high mountains are surrounded by vegetation areas and mantles of water. It makes thousands of tourists surprised. Because every river section, mountain, cave has their own beauty. There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature in Trang An.
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Contributing to the local economy development

For many people in Ninh Binh province tourism is a major source of income for the area, especially ferryman in Trang An. By taking a boat tour at Trang An, you are contributing to the local economy.
Best time for Trang An Boat Tour

With the typical weather of Trang An ecological complex, you can choose to come to Trang An Boat Tour any time of the year. However, to find about about its own characteristics, January – March (according to the lunar calendar) woule be better. This time is the time when Trang An festivals take place; therefore, you can combine doing sightseeting of great views and explore the typical characteristics of festivals here like Trang An festival together with water and faith processions on the river.

Trang An Boat Tour Routes

Trang An Boat Tour Routes

Trang An Boat Tour Route 1: 9 caves, 3 temples
Habour – Trinh Temple – Toi Cave– Sang Cave – Nau Ruou Cave – Tran Temple – Ba Giot Cave – Seo Cave– Son Duong Cave – Khong Palace – Bao Hieu Temple– Khong Cave – Tran Cave – Quy Hau Cave – Habour

Trang An Boat Tour Route 1 is designed for anyone who like exploring geological.Moreover, only this tour will take you through most of the caves. Tran Temple –Khong Pagoda, you will have the chance to visit 12 caves and 3 spiritual spots on Sao Khue river of 15km circularly as following: Trinh Temple, Toi cave, Sang cave, Nau Ruou cave, Tran cave, Ba Giot cave, Seo cave, Son Duong cave, Khong temple, Tran cave, Quy Hau cave. Trang An Boat Tour Route 1 is going to take you around 3 hours.

Trang An Boat Ride Routes, trang an boat tour from hanoi

Trang An Boat Tour Route 2 – 4 caves, 3 temples
Habour – Lam Cave – Vang Cave – Thanh Truot Cave – Suoi Tien Temple – Dai Cave – Vu Lam Palace – Kong film site– Habour

kong skull island film set ninh binh

Kong Skull Island Film set in Trang An t is a highlight for this route
Most of tourists choose this routes, because it is suitable for the people who don’t have more time in a day. Trang An Boat Tour Route 2 visits Lam royal palace – King Kong film studio, you are taken to visit three special places for around 3 hours: Trinh temple, Dot cave, May cave, Suoi Tien temple (Fairy Stream temple), Dia Linh mountain, Dai cave, Vu Lam imperial palace, Kong film studio: Skull Island. After Trang An Boat Tour Route 2 you will visit Bai Dinh pagoda – cultural and spiritual tourism area to do sightseeing and Buddha rites.

Local boat rower in Trang An

Trang An Boat Tour Route 3 – 3 caves, 3 temples
Habour – Trinh Temple – May Cave – Suoi Tien – Đia Linh Cave – Đai Cave – Vu Lam Palace– Kong film site – Habour
If you want to see limestone mountains, Trang An Boat Tour Route 3 is definitely for you. The ticket counter is on the left of the sign. Each boat can hold a maximum of 4 people and price ticket is 200.000 VND/person. If you have 2 person, you will have to wait for 2 more people to start the journey. If you cannot find anyone, you will have to pay full price tickets of 800,000 VND for each boat. However, you should not be too worried about things. Because in Trang An especially the Trang An Boat Tour Route 3 is always so crowded with visitors every seasons in the years, you can easily find two more guests to go with your boat. Each boat will have a guide or a ferryman who sit at the back. You should wear a life jacket to ensure safety for your trip.

Trang An Boat Tour Route 3

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Trang An Boat Tour Opening hours
Trang An Boat Tour opening from: 07:00 AM to 18:00 PM

Trang An Boat Tour Tickets price:
Boat Tour Ticket: 200.000 VND / per adults
Boat Tour Ticket: 100.000 VND / Child under 120 cm

Trang An Boat Tour Tips
If you still wonder how to get the best out of your trip to Trang An, here are some tips that you must know:

Always wear your life jacket
Although the boat tour is safe and you can take it off to take pictures sometimes but we highly recommend that you should wear it every time due to safety reason. The life jacket is included in boat tour ticket.

Keep your camera out of the water!
Always keep your phone and camera with you by a hand strap, once you drop it to the water, there is no way to bring it back

Bring water and snack
But don’t throw your garbage to the water

Prepare yourself
If you are planning to take a boat tour in the middle of the day, do not forget your hat, bug repellent and sunscreen home. There is little to no shade along the way.
If you go to Trang An in the spring (from January to April), bring an umbrella or thin raincoat, there is high chance of drizzle, it’s not a big deal but definitely can wet you

Try rowing a boat
Each boat has an extra pair of paddles. If you want, you can use them and help your guide. I can imagine that paddling for that many hours per day can get pretty tiring for the guides.
Please do not forget the tip for hard worker who helped you get a great trip. Although that money is just 30,000 VND or 50,000 VND (from US$1-US$2), it still will make them feel happier.
These are all the things you should know before going for a boat tour in Trang An. If you are still not sure how to plan an enjoyable boat trip in Trang An, feel free to contact us Cozy Vietnam Travel, the team for further information and advice!

Travelling to Ninh Binh expenses
  • Total expenses for Hanoi – Trang An Ninh Binh tour for 1 day
  • Travelling cost: 60.000 – 200.000 VND/per person
  • Meals: 100.000 – 150.000 VND/per person
  • Boat ticket: 200.000 VND/per person
  • Electric car(if you visit Bai Dinh pagoda): 60.000 VND/per person (return ticket)
  • Ticket for visiting Bao Thap (Bao Tower): 50.000 VND/per person
  • So with only around 500.000 – 700.000 VND, you can enjoy a full day in Trang An Ninh Binh, and we hope that the below information is valuable for your trip.
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