Top Summer Destinations In Beijing


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Summer in Beijing is a symphony of contrasts, where ancient traditions harmonize with contemporary allure. As the capital of China, Beijing is not only a political and cultural hub but also a city that captivates visitors with its rich history, vibrant culture, and modern attractions. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, Beijing offers a plethora of experiences that make it an enticing destination for summer travelers. Here's a curated list of top summer destinations in Beijing that promise to leave you awe-inspired and rejuvenated.

The Great Wall of China​

No visit to Beijing is complete without exploring the monumental Great Wall. During summer, the lush greenery surrounding the Wall adds a picturesque backdrop to this architectural marvel. Escape the bustling city and embark on a hike along sections like Mutianyu or Jinshanling, where you can marvel at the Wall snaking across the undulating landscapes. Don't miss the opportunity to catch a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, casting a golden hue over the ancient stones, creating a moment of sheer magnificence.

The Forbidden City​

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of China's imperial past. Summer is an ideal time to explore this vast complex of palaces, halls, and courtyards, as the clear skies and mild temperatures enhance the experience. Admire the intricate architectural details, stroll through the expansive squares, and uncover the secrets of Chinese history as you wander through this remarkable cultural treasure.

Summer Palace​

Escape the summer heat and retreat to the tranquil oasis of the Summer Palace, a masterpiece of Chinese landscape design. Nestled amidst lush greenery and framed by the shimmering Kunming Lake, the Summer Palace offers a serene respite from the urban hustle. Take a leisurely boat ride across the lake, explore the intricately adorned halls and pavilions, or meander through the shaded pathways of the imperial gardens. Whether you're seeking relaxation or cultural enrichment, the Summer Palace promises a delightful experience for all.

Beihai Park​

For a quintessential Beijing experience, venture into Beihai Park, a serene haven in the heart of the city. Dating back over a thousand years, this expansive park is renowned for its picturesque scenery, ancient architecture, and tranquil ambiance. Take a leisurely stroll around the serene lake, admire the majestic White Dagoba perched atop Jade Flower Island, or simply relax amidst the lush greenery. Beihai Park is the perfect spot to unwind and savor the beauty of nature amidst the urban landscape.

798 Art District​

Indulge your artistic sensibilities at the 798 Art District, a thriving hub of contemporary art and culture in Beijing. Housed in a former industrial complex, this eclectic neighborhood is adorned with avant-garde galleries, street art, and trendy cafes. Explore the vibrant art scene, browse unique exhibitions, and interact with local artists as you delve into Beijing's modern cultural landscape. With its dynamic atmosphere and creative energy, the 798 Art District offers a refreshing contrast to the city's historical landmarks.

Wangfujing Street​

Experience the pulse of modern Beijing at Wangfujing Street, a bustling thoroughfare renowned for its shopping, dining, and entertainment options. From upscale boutiques to traditional markets, this vibrant street offers something for every taste and budget. Sample local delicacies at the famous Wangfujing Snack Street, shop for souvenirs amidst the bustling crowds, or simply soak in the lively atmosphere as you explore this iconic shopping district. Wangfujing Street is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Beijing's contemporary lifestyle and vibrant street culture.

From ancient wonders to modern delights, Beijing offers a captivating blend of experiences that appeal to every traveler. Whether you're exploring the majestic landmarks of China's imperial past or immersing yourself in the city's vibrant contemporary culture, Beijing's top summer destinations promise an unforgettable journey. Soak in the beauty of the Great Wall, uncover the secrets of the Forbidden City, or simply wander through the city's bustling streets and tranquil parks. Whatever your interests may be, Beijing invites you to discover the essence of China's capital city in all its splendor. This summer plan your trip to Beijing from USA and have a great trip. Grab your tickets with iEagle to get discounted airfares and exclusive deals.