Top Irish Villages for best travelling..


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I was traveling with two more cars back to Dublin from Killarney in county Kerry but on our war suddenly every one was looking from the right window and making wow sounds when we passed by the well kept cottages in Adare and the icing on the cake Manor castle, a spectacular castle by river Maigue, only later I discovered that this old castle is a five start hotel which explained seeing many people dressed as if they were attending a wedding.


This small Town is in the northern part of the republic of Ireland in Cooley peninsula. Actually I had no idea that the town was fabulous but rather I went there to the adventure center to play zorbing (for info and picture about zorbing see the activity article) only then I discovered the village. The best part of the trip apart from the activities was the coastal drive along lough carlingford, it was a memorable drive that I wish to do again.
Well said @SEOBACKLIN ... I too had had a car travel in many places or Ireland and it's a very beautiful and scenic drive; driving through the villages. I loved the drive and it will always be one of the memorable ones.