Top 5 Travel backpacks For Men in 2024

Elsie Young

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Now that you know what to look for, Let's dive into the top 5 travel backpacks for men in 2024:

Top 5 Travel Backpacks for Men in 2024.png
  1. Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L ($300): Overall Best
This backpack is a superstar for a reason. With a 45L capacity, it's spacious enough for most trips, but it also feels light and comfortable to carry. The clamshell opening makes packing and unpacking a breeze, and the built-in laptop sleeve keeps your tech safe. Plus, it's expandable for those times when you need a little extra space.
  1. Osprey Farpoint & Fairview 40 Travel Packs ($185): Best Carrying
Osprey is a leader in backpack comfort, and the Farpoint and Fairview series (designed specifically for men and women) are no exception. These backpacks come in various sizes and boast plenty of compartments to keep you organized. The durable materials ensure your gear arrives safely wherever you roam.
  1. Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack 45L ($275): Best for Carry-On Flexibility
This backpack is a chameleon, transforming from a carry-on to a checked bag with ease. The clamshell opening and compression system make packing efficient, while the durable materials can handle anything your travels throw at it.
  1. NOMATIC Travel Bag ($299): Best for One-Bag Travel
For minimalist travelers, the NOMATIC Travel Bag is a dream come true. It features a dedicated clothing compartment, a built-in laptop sleeve, and various pockets to keep everything in its place. Water resistance and a TSA-approved lock add an extra layer of security.
  1. Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack ($200): Best Value
Looking for a quality backpack without breaking the bank? The Cotopaxi Allpa is a fantastic option. It offers a comfortable carry system, ample compartments, and a stylish design. The durable materials ensure it will be your travel partner for years to come.