The Mysteries of Machu Picchu


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Since the Incas were a spiritual people, some historians speculate that the inhabitants of Machu Picchu believed they lived in a sacred site, where no humans were allowed to live. Archaeological evidence reveals that different sections of the site were dedicated to various Inca Gods - the Sun God, Viracocha, the Creator, and Killa, the Moon God. In fact, some historians even believe that Machu Picchu was the center of protection for Nusta, or the "Virgin of the Sun", before the Spanish arrived.

The facts about why Machu Picchu was left behind will probably never be revealed. Despite these great mysteries, the wonders of this ancient world are still available for you to experience and explore while pondering its many mysteries. And speaking of mysteries, the structures at Machu Picchu are so well-constructed and aligned with various astrological events--including solstices, equinoxes, and many constellations--that some have even speculated that extraterrestrial involvement may have been involved in the construction of the massive fortress. .