The best places to visit in Tenerife


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Based on the popularity and reviews from the tourists, I have listed down five places you should not miss when in Tenerife:
  1. Teide National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage site that has Spain’s highest peak, Mt. Teide, at the heart of it. The views from the top are mesmerizing when you take a cable car that takes you over the crater and let you enjoy the beauty of the island.
  2. Siam Park: It is Tenerife’s biggest and best theme park that is built on a Thai-theme. The park has many wondrous rides including a 90-ft near-vertical drop that will take your breath away. Be prepared for a thrilling adventure here.
  3. Masca: Located in the Teno Mountains, it is a small village that is balanced on a rocky plateau. Accessible via road with breathtaking views on each side that will blow your mind. The main highlight is a hike down the gorge to the beach.
  4. La Laguna: Featuring convents and beautifully preserved mansions from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, this former capital of the island is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Must visit.
  5. Garachico: One of the wealthiest and picturesque towns in Tenerife, it is a popular day-trip destination. The most fascinating activity of this place is swimming in rock pools hewn from lava, which gives a unique experience.


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