Some Tips For Visiting Sapa


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What to bring : Bring as little as possible but bring everything you need. Travelling light is much less of a hassle, so do not bring things you can do without. Thanks to its geographic condition, Sapa has one of the most favourable climates in Vietnam. The temperature remains stably cool throughout the year though winter may see more severe changes, with frost and even snow (mostly from mid-December to mid-January). Trying to predict the weather in Sapa is almost impossible. However, here is our best attempt: Sapa weather is characterized by sub-tropical climate. However, as a result of the high latitude, weather in Sapa is cool all year round. In summer, Sapa does not suffer the harsh heat like that in coastal plains. Temperature in summer fluctuates from 10 - 18 °C at night time and 20 - 32°C during the day. When the sun shines it can be harsh and even on cloudy days, expect to need sun protection. Rain and fog is possible throughout the year. In winter, Sapa Town is often blanketed by fog and cold air. Temperature may fall to below zero Celsius.

Luggage and bags: Most hotels in Sapa have temporary room for trekkers to wash up on arrival or departing from/to Hanoi. Most trekkers leave their main luggage in the room and take a lighter backpack for treks and homestays. A day pack to bring on your treks is a good idea. These can be bought in Sapa. Chau Long Hotel can store luggage securely should you require.

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring clothes to suit the local weather. Always keep your spare clothes in a watertight bag to ensure they stay dry if there is a sudden downpour. The Sapa climate is totally unlike the rest of Vietnam. Essential items to have for the trek are some layers of warm & light clothing (morning can be cold but get pretty warm during the day as you trek). A pair of sturdy trekking shoes is essential. In January to March it can be quite cold, foggy and rainy. A fleece and raincoat is advisable. These items are available in Sapa at good prices.

Photo Equipment: Bring your camera. Any camera will do. You will regret it if not bringing one!

What to eat in Sapa ?

Thang Co -
Thang Co is the traditional food of H'Mong people and it has been cooked for hundreds of years. Thang Co is a type of hotpot that is made of horsemeat, horse’s viscera, and horse’s bone. You might feel a little bit panic-stricken when hearing about the ingredients but that feeling will be blown away once you taste it. Cooking this dish not only requires time but also the skill of cooks. The seasonings comprised of 12 spices from cardamom, ginger, citronella, anise to cinnamon twig.

The locals stew horsemeat with these 12 spices in a big pot within a couple of hours. To elevate the flavor of Thang Co soup, they serve it with fresh vegetables and a special red hot pepper name Muong Khuong.

Cap Nach Pork - Cap Nach pork is a specialty of this mountainous region. The ways to make this dish is diverse. The locals usually roast a whole pig directly on charcoal so that the skin covering the pork is very brittle while the pork inside is very delicious and fleshy. Others stir-fry the pork with little or no water and herbs. No matter how you cook it, make sure the pork is soft with a hint of spicy.

Salmon or Sturgeon Hotpot - Sapa has extremely cool weather all year round and the water here is pretty cold that is suitable for salmon to exist. It's explained why salmon sour hot pot is a familiar food to local people. The food has a timeless quality. No matter when you enjoy this hot pot, your eyes will littery light up talking about the dish.

The real star of the hot bot is its broth. It's a combination of several vegetable types and freshly caught salmon. Unlike other fish, salmon brings to diners an elegant and delicate flavor. Nestle up to a restaurant on Sapa hill road and make an order of salmon sour hot pot, your heartbeat is just a little bit faster.

Where to eat:

Grilled skewers (Sapa BBQ) - This is the most famous delicacy of Sapa since tourists all come to enjoy the hot and tasty barbecue with many different local ingredients in the middle of the typical cool weather of Sapa. There is a countless number of grilled dishes here that you could not have enough room for the stomach to try all. From the very simple food like potatoes, cassava, eggs, chicken wings, etc. to other more complicated dishes with the typical Northwest flavors like the Rolled beef with Meo spinach, stream fish, or bamboo pipe rice… With special local marinated spices & ingredients, Sapa BBQ has a unique taste that differs from any other BBQ. Barbecue stalls in Sapa are located everywhere in the street, in front of the old stoned church, in the alleys, markets, or even at the famous Silver waterfall… Set up with some of the grilling equipment and a few tables & chairs for customers, these stalls are considered mini roadside BBQ restaurants.

What kind of transportation to choose in Sapa?

  • Taxi
Some reliable taxi companies in Lao Cai are listed below with their own phone numbers.
  • Mai Linh Taxi: (+84) 2143 833388
Taxi companies in Sapa:
  • Taxi Fansipan: (+84) 2143 626262
  • Taxi Xanh Sapa: (+84) 2143 636363
In terms of transportation around Sapa town, a taxi is not recommended.

Tours/private car :

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