Seeking Advice for Road Trip: Brisbane to Adelaide


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I'm planning a road trip from Brisbane to Adelaide and could use some advice from those familiar with the route. I'll be traveling with my belongings and my car, embarking on this adventure soon. While I've mapped out a general itinerary, I'd love to hear any tips, must-see attractions, hidden gems, or safety advice you might have for this journey. Any recommendations on scenic routes, places to stay, or roadside attractions would be greatly appreciated.
I tend to avoid the super straight highways whenever I can. Sure, they're fast, but you miss all the great views.
Here's a tip: Look into the Newell Highway instead of the M1. It might add a few hours (think 7 or 8), but you'll drive through some real outback country. Remember that Wolf Rock I saw in a National Geographic mag years ago? Found it on the Newell Highway – giant rock in the middle of nowhere, with amazing Aboriginal paintings.

Speaking of safety on the road, especially outback, keep your car topped up with fluids and let someone know your rough itinerary. Phone reception can be patchy, so a good old fashioned paper map is a lifesaver. Also, pack for all types of weather – it can get surprisingly chilly at night, even in summer.

For places to stay, I do prefer Travelarii but also there are heaps of national park campsites along the Newell. Great way to save some bucks and be right in nature. This trip is goone be all about the journey, not the destination.

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